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Dreamscape No 0401 by Milly Martionou
Milly Martionou: Abstract Impressionist
The art of Milly Martionou makes me smile, not just because her art is bristling with optimistic... Read More
Soulmate, watercolour by Stephanie Noblet
Stephanie Noblet: Pushing the Envelope Without Breaking it Open
One need not survey a large selection of Stephanie Noblet’s art in order to see that she lives up... Read More
Thriving, No. 3, oil painting by Rachel Bingaman
Painter, Rachel Bingaman: Variations on a Magnificent Theme
Rachel Bingaman is not only a highly prolific artist, most commonly painting trees and sylvan... Read More
Promnesia close-up by Milly Martionou
Promnesia by Milly Martionou - Mykonos July 2016
Milly Martionou exhibition''Promnesia'' 1-7 July Spyral Art Gallery Μykonos & 8-14 July... Read More
Tapography by Barbi Leifert
Barbi Leifert: Simply Abstract Expressionism? Not on Your Life!
Complexity is only the multiplicity of simplicity –Peter Milyneux Barbi Leifert is the art... Read More
It's A Jazz Thang 36 X46 Acrylic on canvas .
Dasmang Art: Portraits of Expressionism
The artist, Gary Aitken—alias, Dasmang—is the commemorative portrait king of great musicians... Read More


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