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Artists from around the world join and post artwork here. The Gallery displays the uploaded images for viewing -- I believe in a chronological order. Page-view navigation is at the lower right on the page. Head over there now and enjoy. Visit Gallery

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It's really simple. No one is blocked from joining. However, there are advantages to becoming a paid contributor to this community endeavour (Artists: $4.95/month, Fans: $9.99/year-just because). For one thing, every coin added increases our potential to do more and offer more to the community and to assist in marketing. Second, we do everything we can to boost paid members more. Everyone else is playing a gamble and does a lot of waiting. Register Now

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Paid Members can now upload their artwork as part of their paid membership. After joining, first ensure you have a completed profile to meet our marketing requirements. You can use the blog-writing feature to post an article to feature art or yourself. Check the FAQ for more on that. And the WordPress instructional videos under Help. When you're ready and feeling more comfortable, visit the Dashboard to add a Product.

From the Community : Featured Artwork

Bruce Dorfman Exhibiting in Loule, Portugal

  Escola International de Arte Loule, 1993 – 1998 opens at the Museum of Art and Cloisters (Loule, Portugal) this August. The exhibition will ... Find out more

Curated Six 20150305

Click on an image to enlarge and enjoy a slideshow display of amazing artwork. ... Find out more

An Interview with Pastel Artist Tony Allain

Tony Allain paints vibrant and dynamic work that celebrates the colour and light that he sees in the world around ... Find out more

Amber Forest

Lena Owens Palette Knife Painting ~ Birch Trees Only 1 week available: Only 1 week available. Later - Request a ... Find out more

Curated Six

Click on an image to enlarge and enjoy a slideshow display. ... Find out more

Painting Flowers and Plants

Painting Flowers and Plants part of the ‘Watercolour Tips & Techniques’ series A 96-page paperback book by Janet Whittle. In this bright and ... Find out more

I’m looking for a sponsor!!!

Studies for portraits I'm looking for  sponsor who would cover expenses for 'Tokyo International Art Fair'. in order to present ... Find out more

Interview With Fernando Botero

The international contemporary art fair, ArcoMadrid, will open its doors on February 25th, in association with Colombia, as an invited ... Find out more

Curated Six

Today's curated six, details with each artwork. Click on an image to enlarge and view the slideshow. ... Find out more

7 Art Holiday Essentials

Following on from last week’s article on how to choose your perfect Art Holiday, here’s a list of 7 essential ... Find out more

Lo-Fi Street Photography and Why I Love It

All Photographs (c) Michael Ernest Sweet Whether analog or digital, I've been drawn to lo-fi photography for some time. I just ... Find out more

Confessions of a Serial Songwriter: To All the Guitar Players I’ve Loved Before

It started when I was very young. This was my first. Something New Album Cover There was a little flutter in my heart. ... Find out more

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