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The Pretentious Show - Alexander Devenport
The Pretentious Show: Modern art is bullshit?
Featuring: Alexander Devenport, The Pretentious Show A very entertaining and informative... Read More
artists Mike and Madeleine Bülow
Abstract Paint & Photography by Mike and Madeleine Bülow
 Arts, Artists, Artwork has followed the young artists pair Mike and Madeleine Bülow and... Read More
Artwork No 736 - oil on paper 7 x 10in by Agustin Castillo
Agustin Castillo Abstracts, an original abstract artist
Agustin Castillo has been around Arts, Artists, Artwork since the very beginning. Initially, I saw... Read More
Moment - watercolour, paper The Langton 50 x 35cm by OliviArt
OliviArt, Asian Parisienne Watercolour Artist Extraordinaire
OliviArt joined the Arts, Artists, Artwork community a couple of years ago. During a time of... Read More
Mademoiselle Zazie’s Art (watercolour paintings)
Years ago I came across Mademoiselle Zazie’s Art. Her watercolours reminded me of a past era,... Read More
Luminous Ways No 25.1 - oil on canvas with glitter, 150 x 100cm 2014 by Milly Martionou
Greek Painter, Milly Martionou, Killing It: Abstract Expression
She is, without a doubt, my favourite abstract expressionist artist today. I have heard others say... Read More


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