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Artists from around the world join and post artwork here. The Gallery displays the uploaded images for viewing -- I believe in a chronological order. Page-view navigation is at the lower right on the page. Head over there now and enjoy. Visit Gallery

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From the Community : Featured Artwork

FINEPHILIA With Designer Craig Van Den Brulle

FINEPHILIA / F is for fashion / IN is for interiors / Philia is my love of both. Capeesh? Craig Van ... Find out more

Too Close to Home

I did not know Oleg Bryjak or Maria Radner. These are two of the victims who perished in the recent Germanwings ... Find out more

Love Birds by Nancy Hawkins, Canadian Artist

  This whimsical piece has been created by hand on a wrapped canvas with acrylic paints and inks.  Along with eye popping ... Find out more

Do It Yourself — Creating Your Own Stretched Canvases

There comes a point, as an artist, when you put away the student-grade paint, the bargain canvases from the craft store, ... Find out more

Oaxaca Mexico, Colors Galore

Last week, I spent four amazing days in Oaxaca. It was my first ever trip to this city of 400,000 ... Find out more

Want to Show Painting Improvement Now?

Portraiture is, in my humble opinion, the domain of artistic masters. All the greats, such as Velazquez, Rembrandt, Goya, and Sargent, ... Find out more

An Interview with Portraits in Pastel Comp Winner Ali Bannister

Ali Bannister was last week’s winner of the Jackson’s Art Supplies ‘Portraits in Pastel’ Competition for her portrait of a ... Find out more

Turn your Tablet into an Artist’s Tool

For hundreds of years artists have transferred compositions onto canvas with the aid of a grid. Even Leonardo Da Vinci ... Find out more

Curated Six 20150324

Great artists grace our social pages with their astounding artwork. Click on a thumbnail to view the slideshow of these ... Find out more

Questioning Authority in the School of Athens

On a recent trip to Rome, I was walking through the halls of the Vatican museums and after entering one ... Find out more

Buraco das araras – Art by Flavio Macedo

... Find out more

Flavio Macedo – My work

"O objetivo do meu trabalho é apresentar o tema da biodiversidade, com uma linguagem contemporânea, com um arranjo diferente, que ... Find out more

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