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Abundance, 18 x 24 inch acrylic on gesso board by Anna Roberts
Anna Roberts: The Real Surreal Deal Artist
To put it simply, Anna Roberts is the go-to surrealist of the 21 st century. Mind you, her art... Read More
Louise Altson - A Gifted Artist Who Captured the Person, Not Just the Image
Louise Altson – A Gifted Artist (Biography)
Louise Altson – A Gifted Artist (Biography) Hello, Art Lovers I've just published my mother's... Read More
Garden studio workshops copy
Graham Berry Studio Workshops.
My new garden studio is now completed, it just needs furnishing, painting and making it ready for... Read More
Evie Zimmer "Bloom" Oil on Canvas 40"x30", 2014
The Art of Evie Zimmer: Therapy for the Civilized Mind
The artist, Evie Zimmer, is masterful with therapeutic art. With anxiety and depression ever more... Read More
Here Comes the Sun, 60 x 60 cm oil on canvas by Daria Zaseda
Interview: Daria Zaseda Oil Painter and Artist
Daria Zaseda is an oil painting artist who is growing and branching out with new tools and... Read More
Romance is Dancing by Alain Laugier
Artist Alain Laugier: Many of Multiple Movements in Art
A resident of Nice, France, artist Alain Laugier’s typical topics for his paintings are,... Read More


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