Arts, Artists, Artwork

by One Man Can Human Capital Development

Arts, Artists, Artwork results from a love of art and a love for artists. The driving force behind the creation and evolution of this community, Lee Down (One Man Can Human Capital Development, see his profile), began promoting fellow artists in the early days of Facebook in 2009. The fan page now exceeds 1.5 million followers and continues to grow. In addition, AAA promotes on other social media spaces including Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MeWe.

Have you got 30 minutes? Maybe you’d like to listen to the Social Origin Podcast interview of our Founder, Lee Down

Run by Artists for the Artists

Why buy from us? (Also why sell with us?) 

The AAA selling platform is a natural progression from over a decade of supporting and promoting artists. It is different from most sites as it is run by artists for the benefit of artists. Many online galleries charge artists upwards of 35%. Physical street-level galleries contend with high overheads and so need to charge significantly more in order to be profitable. 

At AAA, we aim to combine our lofty ideals of sharing all kinds of art with art lovers with transparent and ethical business practice. Apart from a small monthly subscription that goes toward keeping the operation running and expanding our market reach, artists receive 85% of the value of the artwork sold.  

So, in buying through us, you are supporting the businesses of individual artists with the assurance of purchasing through an established and trusted name.

Community Driven

Arts, Artists, Artwork seeks continued growth and promotion of artists and their artwork. We are reliant on our network of artists to be active in the community and currently have a dozen who volunteer their time helping moderate our Facebook groups. One key volunteer, Dawn, helps manage the fan page and our online store. 

AAA will continue to dedicate itself to the marketing and promotion of artists around the globe. We’re all artists, too, and always envisioned this as an Artist Collective. Visit our Contact page to inquire how you can contribute as a volunteer.

AAA would like to set itself as a destination for serious art collectors and serious artists.

AAA looks forward to serving the arts community for many years.

I personally am thrilled to see artists evolve and derive benefit from the service of promotion we offer through our fan page. Over the years I’ve heard so many positive comments, and I feel a sense of pride and achievement when I hear good news about art sales, or even simply seeing someone go from a hobby to professionalism. Seeing anyone develop in their craft is a thrill. ~ Lee Down

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