Arts, Artists, Artwork results from a love of art and a love for artists. The driving force behind the creation and evolution of this community, Lee Down, began promoting fellow artists in the early days of Facebook. The fan page now exceeds a million and continues to grow, as well as other social media spaces recently added.

The evolution of the website went from a community social network that was sporadically used, to what will now be a more direct vehicle for artist promotion and art sales; much like an artist directory might offer but with the unique addition of each artist profile also having a storefront gallery of their artworks listed for sale.

Arts, Artists, Artwork seeks continued growth and promotion of artists and their artwork. Currently, run by a one-man volunteer, with the recent addition of a staff writer, AJ Mittendorf, and with the part-time, on-call assistance of four community volunteers, AAA will continue to dedicate itself to the marketing and promotion of artists around the globe. We’re all artists, too, and always envisioned this as an Artist Collective.

AAA would like to set itself as a destination for serious art collectors and serious artists.

AAA looks forward to serving the arts community for many years.

I personally am thrilled to see artists evolve and derive benefit from the service of promotion we offer through our fan page. Over the years I’ve heard so many positive comments, and I feel a sense of pride and achievement when I hear good news about art sales, or even simply seeing someone go from a hobby to professionalism. Seeing anyone develop in their craft is a thrill.

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