artists Mike and Madeleine BülowArts, Artists, Artwork has followed the young artists pair Mike and Madeleine Bülow and wondered often about the magic they do with colours and photography. It’s quite an extraordinary show.
How it Started
Learning more about the couple we see 20 years of music production that led them to seek new creative outlets. Mike had discovered an avid interest and talent for photography. Aside from the past successful Fotoshootings with musicians and sportsmen (among other things Berlin eagle), what motivates him is abstract art and the unconventional. Together, as a couple with Mrs. Madeleine, he tried his photography with new painting technologies. Left free to run with their imagination opened new perspectives in the production of their own photo inspirations.
The Photograph
In the abstract photograph the surprise effect of the pictures fascinates Mike the most, because only the technical part and the colours are able to be influenced. There are times when more than 1,000 shots are needed to satisfy to their taste for the inspiration that they’ve held onto. With every project they are thrilled with the adventure that comes with every project, never knowing what is expected of them. These are the unique moments which one can catch and stick to photographic memory.
Combining Paint and Photography
It was a journey of a year and a half from the time the idea formed to fully develop the process and technologies they use to capture such stunning images. The search and development, even refinement is an ongoing one. Always searching for new materials, components, and objects which would not be used in its customary form. In this way they’ve come step-by-step to the results we see now. At the moment we are using stones and tiles with abstract fluids that are normally produced on canvas. We capture the result on film and work with it in high grade images, photographs, and framing.
For the Gear-Heads
Mike and Madeleine use a Hasselblad H5D 50C ( HC 120mm II ) & Canon EOS 5D Mark 2 with various objectives (all L of objectives). Our illumination: 3 × 600w / see flashes, steered by PixelKing. The aperture settings are between 8 and 16, according to sharpness depth and composition of a picture, the shutter speed about 1/8.000 High speeds, depending on which medium we use.
The Essence
For Mike and Madeleine, the prominent aspect is creating the colour play which is held on afterwards with their special photography method. The viewer receives an insight into their abstract colour world. Every picture is unique and not impossible to reproduce. Each unique picture has no corresponding norm, causing personal expressions of feeling or emotion in the viewer. Everybody can interpret them differently and lose themselves in viewing the image. The image’s moods are found in warm and cold colours a little, but primarily it is the viewer that decides for itself. It is not only the image itself that forms the final form, it is also what is held in heart and mind of the viewer that creates its final form.
2014: Berlin , Salzburg , London
2015 : Ibiza , coming soon New York & Monaco

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  1. I see other artists starting to do this kind of thing, but to me they will always be the original ones, i was curious to learn more about them so i am pretty happy to have found this article, thank you*

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