Agustin Castillo Abstracts, an original abstract artist


Agustin Castillo has been around Arts, Artists, Artwork since the very beginning. Initially, I saw his work and immediately assumed this man was making a killing in art. His abstracts are superbly done. His creativity is never ending. He recycles and rebuilds and creates from all sorts of materials. Truly a unique artist. His skill doesn’t stop there though.

Seen in the gallery of images shown below you can see the abstract artworks easily enough. In addition, there are whimsical pieces that he has begun auctioning off on his fan page. Art Auctions are always a hit, and Arts, Artists, Artwork is steps away from introducing art auctions as well. Many of the abstract artworks by Agustin Castillo shown here are still available. Some are not.

To visit and follow Agustin Castillo on Facebook go here.





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