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Hello, I am the host of this arts community. It began with a much wider focus, trying to provide a platform for all the arts. With the thrusting force of Facebook sharing growing the online community at a lightening rate, the focus narrowed down to the visual arts. Sculpture, Photography, and primarily painters of every kind. Our Facebook business page was refined over time with the guidance of Facebook, too. As they got better at defining what they wanted for their users, people with business pages found themselves scrambling to adapt. And we adapted well enough to see a fan page grow and become the tremendous marketing vehicle it is with over a million fans now. And it grows every week. And artists from the world over are asking to be shared. I have to skip 100's of submissions every week as I give precedence to our community members and also to taste. I try to help artists at every level and this took some effort to find a way to do so without having any negative impacts affect the page due to how the newsfeed now works. So we do our part to keep abreast of what is happening in social media and primarily Facebook, the power-house of social media. With previous work experience with a web development company, I also employ active online marketing strategies to help improve the visibility of this website. Content development is the most challenging due to time and resources. Social media marketing on Facebook is where the majority of time and effort is spent. I'm really grateful things have gone so well and people -- artists in particular -- have rallied around me. I've gotten to know quite a few on a personal level. With health issues I wasn't always easy to reach or keep in touch with. Each time I did come back they've been there supportive and ready. Again, gratitude for the luck to have a strong presence on Facebook, a tight-knit group of artists who've worked with me closely and we've gotten to know each other. More gratitude for the good fortune to be able to build and run a site like this. And the artists who've graciously become paying community members helping support the growth for the vision of what this arts community can grow into and become... More. Thank-you

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Artist Art and Story Books

Call to USA Artists: Get included in Art Book 7 by Karrie Ross

Hello Artists! My name is Karrie Ross, I too am an artist and in 2013 I created a yearly art-project-book series that spotlights artists, their art

Fler-de-lis, 50x60cm, cold batik on silk by Valentina Butnarciuc

Contemporary Artist, Valentina Butnarciuc

Flowering Desert by Erin Hanson

Erin Hanson: The Super Bloom Show – Sept 2017

Erin Hanson’s Newest Collection of Paintings to be Unveiled in San Diego Erin

Erin Hanson, Zion Vista

Zion Exhibition Features Erin Hanson’s Contemporary Impressionism

Zion National Park Museum’s Impressions of Zion Exhibition Features Erin Hanson’s Vibrant Contemporary Im