Artist, Alexander Koltakov, Impressionist and Sculpting Painter


Alexander Koltakov, is a Canadian artist, born in the Crimea, who came to Canada in 2012 by way of Israel, where he and his family lived for 17 years. After Israel, Toronto was his home for many years, until a recent move in 2017 to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he continues to paint and sculpt.

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As a child in the Crimea, well known for its wonderful mountains and sea views, Alexander’s grandfather introduced him to painting at a young age and he fell in love with the creative pursuit. During his years at school, Koltakov continued to study painting in the art studio of Crimean artist, N. Papais. The years following school he continued to paint and improve his skills.

In Toronto, Canada, Koltakov attended a few courses at the Toronto School of Art, and continued to paint and develop his skills and talents as a painter. His primary work is typically acrylic or oil on canvas paintings and his current favorite adventure outside of that is working with plaster on wood reliefs. Three dimensional paintings, as he calls them.

Koltakov uses different tools with his oil and acrylic paintings, including brushes, palette knives, and his fingers. There is primarily an impressionist style to his paintings, depicting scenes of nature, people with nature, and home views. His paintings are most often in landscape, and sometimes in portraits. In his three dimensional paintings is a sculpted and carved plaster figure on a wood panel. Then through painting the sculpture, plaster, and wood, the viewer isn’t sure where the wood ends and the plaster begins, in some cases. Here he is at work with the three dimensional paintings.

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Alexander Koltakov is very passionate about the beauty of nature. Coming from a region of beauty, and now living in the very picturesque seaside country of Halifax, he soaks up the natural beauty and wonder, processing these images through his eyes, mind, hands, right onto canvas and into plaster. He is aspiring to express not just a picture, but instead to portray life itself, without forgetting the wonder of the human presence accompanying it.

He says that he tries to capture a scene that we often take for granted, or miss. Whether it is a small part of a much larger beautiful scene or the full scene itself, his goal is to bring our attention to things that we might otherwise miss. Too often we pass by the world without fully seeing, and through the painted scenes captured by Koltakov, his hope is that we can recapture that essence, see that scenery and feel an emotional response to it. He wants the viewer to feel it.

Events and Exhibitions:

Group show ART OF FOOD – Urban Gallery, Toronto, On, Canada – September 2014
Art World Expo Toronto 2015 – life painting performance – October 2015
Queen West Art Crawl, Toronto, Canafa, October 2016
3Rd Annual Art Auction, Winding River Art Gallery, Canada, November 2016

Slideshow of his Artworks

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