What’s the best advice you ever heard (art related)? I thought this would leave it open enough to get collectors and buyers also leaving a comment. The majority, however, came from artists who all shared a little something from their own history. Some of it more recent, as seen by those who fall onto discouraging times. But fear not, there’s plenty of great advice and you can add your own, too.

A summary list of the top comments:

  1. Draw from the eyes down. This means to use everything but your busy brain. Disengage and get into the flow of painting and observing as you paint. Don’t think, feel. There’s more on this by Ianna Christophell in the comments.
  2. It’s finished don’t do anything more to it.
  3. “Finished – not perfect”. I use this a lot, or my painting would never be done, cause im too big a critic towards myself. Also, it doesnt take much to mess up a painting, even with the good intention of “adding just a bit more”. It may be the “bit more” that ruins it all.
  4. One of my Art teachers told me, while you are drawing or painting, periodically look at it with a mirror. The mirror will show you if your dimensions are off, if you need to add or change, it will show you what others will see compared to your own eyes. It works every time, Mirrors don’t lie.
  5. “Paint daily, even if it’s only 1 hour, even if it’s just ‘mechanic’, paint daily.You won’t loose the connection with your artwork” I’ve got a very time-eater day job.

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