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My name is Karrie Ross, I too am an artist and in 2013 I created a yearly art-project-book series that spotlights artists, their art and a story.

The artists I know really like to share what is happening in their lives. One of the things that make us who we are, are the experiences we have. These experiences are then put into our artwork. Art is visual storytelling and the books I publish combine writing and art.

I’m working on Book #7 2017 and I’m reaching out to you for help making it a BIG book… as they are so much more fun to read.

Book #7 2017 is for artists that live in the United States, Book #8 2018 will be an international book. The Book #7 2017 deadline is January 31st BUT for you on AAA I’m leaving it open another week or so up to February 15th in the hopes that you’ll send me your stories asap.  I apologize for the late notice, life happened and my PR for the Call for Entries got put behind.

Artist Art and Story Call for Entry

Here is a link to the book with a short intro and list of the already published books.

The premise is for you to write about something that happened in your life during 2017. A first person, actual experience from 2017 you had along with a photo of a piece of art created in 2017. The story needs to be at least 500 to 1000 words.


And a few other posts about the books.

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  1. je ne suis pas américains mes j’aimerais faire partie de votre livre référence posible ou pas hahahaha ?????? MERCI

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