by cassandrarosas

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced artist or a beginner who is just starting to create art; it is important to have a designated space at home where you can release your creativity and let your imagination run wild. If you still haven’t set up a creative space at home, you can easily …

by jessfender

Whether you’re a painter, a musician, or simply a fine arts aficionado, you may be tempted to create an art blog. Blogging is an easy way to share your passion for art with others around the world. Data shows that 77% of web users read blogs, however, 43% of them skim through text, spending only …

by jessfender

Social media presence is becoming imperative in any niche, and artists are not exempt from this rule. What used to be a webpage has now become a well-maintained social media account in terms of visibility and the ease of contacting potential customers. However, optimizing your social media account to work with your particular audience may …
Morning Mizzle by Dawn Rodger
by karencorinneherceg

There’s a direct, almost child-like appeal in Dawn Rodger’s paintings, what you might describe as a sort of unaffected innocence. As I gaze at a photo of...

by Moontain

My interpretation of my drawing “The Path of Life.” I’m curious to hear about yours. Once an artwork is done, I like to observe it and discover things and delve into its meaning … At first it may look as a big tormented face yet it’s also something else. It’s a circle but also a …
Webinar Week - How the Art Community Can Work Together during the Pandemic
by melissa

The COVID-19 pandemic has created shaky ground for artists and for businesses throughout the world. Quarantining policies have forced many of us into our own creative bubbles. In a lot of cases, the forums to sell our work – shows, conventions, galleries, and the like – are not an option as events disappear from the …

by karencorinneherceg

The Art of Thalia Farendla of JiPL Arts The early morning sun shoots a beam across a yellowing strip of salvaged metal as Thalia Farendla of JiP L Arts wields her tools to excavate new life from this abandoned scrap. Her petite frame belies her strength as the twenty-eight-year-old molds and creates unique, resurrected forms …
Fler-de-lis, 50x60cm, cold batik on silk by Valentina Butnarciuc

Valentina Butnarciuc is a contemporary artist of Ukrainian origin. She has a unique painting style that combines academism and modern expressionism with bright, bold, and textured brush strokes.  Valentina graduated from university with major in decorative art and design. Valentina’s father was the man who encouraged her to pursue her career in art; and her …
Along with Heartfield and Grosz, Hausmann in 1920 helped organize the First International Dada Fair
by mfaris

By Michael Faris The photomontage artist John Heartfield is best known for his very public artworks that belittled and disparaged the actions of the Nazi party in 1930s Germany. As a poster fabricator and artist for AIZ magazine, his anti-Nazi artwork was seen by thousands of Europeans. He was considered a public enemy by the …
George Harrison, Stu Sutcliffe, John Lennon
by mfaris

By Michael Faris Stu Sutcliffe was one of the original members of the Beatles and a talented Abstract Expressionist artist. A friend of John Lennon from art school, he became the bass player for the new band, then known as the Silver Beatles. He eventually quit the band in 1961 to continue his career as …