by Lee Down

Introduction Photography is one of the art world’s most significant disciplines. Invented only around 200 years ago, this medium has had a powerful impact on the evolution of modern image-making, with artists using it to capture the world around us in a uniquely tangible way. But even though photography is still considered a relatively “new” …
The State of Consciousness, 120 x 180 cm acrylic on canvas by Nataliya Bagatskaya
by Lee Down

In the heart of Kyiv, amidst a country that, armed and resolute, defends its independence in a foreign war, Nataliya Bagatskaya paints. With strokes both vivid and somber, her artwork encapsulates her experience as both a Ukrainian and an artist. While the war’s clamor and uncertainty echo in the background, Nataliya has sought solace in …
Arts Artists Artwork-An Artists Community
by Lee Down

In the often-isolating world of art creation, having a supportive community can be a real game-changer. Starting in 2009, Arts Artists Artwork (AAA) has been that game-changer for countless artists around the globe, transforming solitary pursuits into collaborative triumphs. Aiming to harness the power of community and digital connection, AAA has morphed from a simple …
Peter Demetz sculpture on display
by Lee Down

Peter Demetz is, by far, not only one of the most interesting modern sculptors we have featured on our AAA social media pages, but in the world. Both Demetz and his hand-carved wood sculptures are extremely popular in today’s art scene. They are something you will never forget. Peter Demetz’s Poetic Sculptures Most of Peter …
The Creation, Pastel Painting by Steffi Krenzek
by Lee Down

Artist Stefanie Krenzek, or Steffi, as everyone knows her, is brilliant in more than just the paintings she produces. Her art, a style she calls realistic dream art, or a naive style of Impressionism, is bold, bright, light and somehow unassuming. It’s so eye catching, you feel yourself wanting to reach out and touch it. …
Photography by Lee Down - English Bay Winter
by Lee Down

This article is about Lee Down and thereby Arts, Artists and Artworks (AAA). I, Nikki Finnigan, have written a handful of these articles now and they’ve all been pretty similar to each other. This one is going to be somewhat different. There are a few reasons why. Firstly, Lee Down is the founder and custodian …
Breathing Space by Dawn Rodger Art
by Lee Down

Artist Dawn Rodger, calling it honestly, is one of the most unique people I’ve come to know in the art world. Dawn is an artist, mother, wife, friend, sister, cat-lover and so many other things, who treats the world differently. Including through her art. Dawn sees people, not just their actions. She does not just …
Ceramic Artist Johnson Tsang's Career and Life Celebration
by Lee Down

Johnson Tsang is a sculptor living and working in Hong Kong who delights viewers with his masterful ceramic pieces that express so much emotion. He has delighted us for many years at Arts Artists Artwork and we’ve been compelled to share his work frequently. This year, 2022, we have learned some sad and happy news …

by Lee Down

Eric Geusz, Space Goose, is a man with two beautiful, enviable qualities. He is forever a boy at heart. He also has the wisdom of an old man. Possessing both of these qualities leaves him as a blessing for many people.  During the day, Eric Geusz is a 3D software engineer for Apple in San …

by Lee Down

If you’re an art lover who’s always on the hunt for new, talented artists to add to your collection, this blog post is for you. Here, we’ll introduce you to some emerging and notable artists who are definitely worth your time (and money). Looking for something different in your art collection? Why not try one …