Up The Road, 39 x 29 cm acrylic on board by Steven Christian Reed

Steven Christian Reed’s paintings are some of my favorites. His work is always full of atmosphere and ambiance. I’ve selected four from his recent work to share with you. His art is for sale and the profile for Steven Christian Reed displays more of his work and provides access to his website and social media …
Rue du Boeuf au Vieux Lyon, 36 x 36 cm palette knife oil painting on canvas by Mona Edulesco

First time I saw a palette knife painting by Mona Edulesco, I gasped. Her bright vibrant colors and bold artwork spoke volumes of warm and enjoyable times. Her paintings are very much appreciated internationally and you can buy art paintings from her through our site.
Dreamscape 2, 101 X 76 cm Acrylic on Canvas by Margaret La Bounty

From Margaret La Bounty, regarding her two new Dreamscape paintings and the influence behind them. A study in black and white.¬†After working in some very brilliant colors for many months straight I decided to rest my mind and see what would happen to my style of painting using only shades of black and white. I …


Milly Martionou’s featured artwork, Elements 1.12, is an oil on canvas masterpiece. The stunning depth in the painting imagines that a source of heat is spilling up through the surface. Arts, Artists, Artwork is pleased to be a big fan of her work and ongoing discovery. She spends many, many hours investing a little piece …