by Sherylle Dovaston

You know that workplace? Functional but slightly boring. Perhaps it has no art on the walls at all, or maybe the designers played it safe with inoffensive and inexpensive art. Either way, the environment doesn’t foster creativity or engage the senses. Research tells us that art in the workplace produces positive benefits; enhanced mood, improved …

by Lee Down

Evolved just a few years ago, non-fungible tokens or commonly referred to as NFTs are one of today’s ultra-modern innovations in the field of technology. These digital tokens are now booming around the world and have given rise to a whole new and lucrative industry. From passionate collectors all over the world to those who …

by cassandrarosas

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced artist or a beginner who is just starting to create art; it is important to have a designated space at home where you can release your creativity and let your imagination run wild. If you still haven’t set up a creative space at home, you can easily …

by Lee Down

Whether you’re a painter, a musician, or simply a fine arts aficionado, you may be tempted to create an art blog. Blogging is an easy way to share your passion for art with others around the world. Data shows that 77% of web users read blogs, however, 43% of them skim through text, spending only …

by Lee Down

Arts Artists Artwork Founder, Lee Down, was interviewed for the Social Origin Podcast and the podcast has now been published. The interview can be listened to via Spotify or iTunes. Below, you can listen right here from our website with the Spotify podcast. In the interview, Down talks about his journey in the tech industry, …

by Lee Down

Social media presence is becoming imperative in any niche, and artists are not exempt from this rule. What used to be a webpage has now become a well-maintained social media account in terms of visibility and the ease of contacting potential customers. However, optimizing your social media account to work with your particular audience may …

by Lee Down

Know Where You Stand is an evocative photoshop art project created by American artist Seth Tara for the History Channel. You’d never expect something like this would face penalties from Facebook for violating their Community Standards. But that’s exactly what happened to us. Approximately two-and-a-half years ago, in 2019, we shared a set of images …
Scam artists try to steal from visual artists
by Lee Down

Scam artists often target visual artists with a common message trying to con them out of money. It is a common occurrence for visual artists, typically painters from what I’ve witnessed, to get these messages via email or social media expressing interest in purchasing their art. Recently, Dimitri Sirenko, received one of these messages and …
Creating Art for a Living
by Lee Down

Christopher Durant writes a list of 8 points for artists interested in making a living from their art.

by nicolegarrison

To build yourself as an artist, get recognized, and sell more artwork, you need more than amazing art. You have to connect with people. An artist’s bio is your chance to allow others a glimpse into who you are. Your story can be that final drop that will lead to a flow of purchases and …