Valerie Solanas
by mfaris

Three days before she shot Andy Warhol, Valerie Solanas asked author Paul Krassner for some money. He loaned her $50, which he later speculated might have been used to buy the pistol that was used in the shooting. Solanas had been one of the many people who were active in the drug lifestyle of 1960s …
Indoctrination by Michael Faris
by mfaris

Censorship of artwork has been happening for centuries. This type of suppression is destructive and unnecessary. Here are some aspects of censorship to consider as it relates to visual art. The people who want to censor artwork, or literature, or clothing, or anything else, often do so under the pretense of acting out of a …
Sistine Chapel back wall - Last Judgement (Michelangelo)

What exactly is the era and style of mannerism art? Put simply, it is one possible answer to a question regarding Western art during the height of the Renaissance, to wit, “Where do we go from here?” For over three centuries artists were trying to perfect their craft of painting to reflect the quality of …


What a great question! What traits do you feel are important for an artist? We posed this question to the audience at Arts, Artists, Artwork fan page on Facebook and received a tremendous response. A lot of commonalities as people shared like minded views. A wide variety of responses, too.  Some really exceptional thoughts were …
Renaissance vs Baroque Art Quiz

I’ve been asked more than once, and I have encountered various people who have expressed confusion regarding Baroque vs. Renaissance art. In fact, despite my several courses in art history and appreciation, it still took me several hours of individual study to really get a grasp of the difference. Most people understand that if a …
The Hidden Path conference attendees

I’ve been teaching marketing to artists since 2009. For the last year I’ve been traveling around the country giving a talk called The Hidden Path of the Artist Career. It’s a summation of what I’ve learned about the stuff that gets left out of most artist training programs – the nuts and bolts of how …
Mandy Joy's Santa Face

Art that celebrates the multi-faceted Christmas season is alive and well at Art, Artists, Artwork. Part of me was beginning to think that the world of fine art had left Christmas aside with the advent of modernity, that Christmas stories and symbolism that were so prevalent in art since the Medieval times and was so …
Wandering in Search of Dreams, 100 x 100 cm oil painting by Tadeusz Machowski

What’s the best advice you ever heard (art related)? I thought this would leave it open enough to get collectors and buyers also leaving a comment. The majority, however, came from artists who all shared a little something from their own history. Some of it more recent, as seen by those who fall onto discouraging …
drawing demonstration and painting demonstration

The New York Academy of Arts presents a 3 hour drawing and painting demonstration with featuring Academy faculty members Michael Grimaldi, Vincent Desiderio, and Dan Thompson. Discussions from lighting, shadow, contrast, and much more discussed throughout the video. NOTE: SKIP the first TEN MINUTES There were some glitches, difficult audio at times, but overall a …
SINGER SINGS HIS SOUL II. (2014) Enamel and acrilic on canvas. 50 x 50 cms by Saúl Gil Corona

This is a big question that needs to be taken seriously. What is the purpose of art? Working with coordinating this artist collective and promoting their artwork via social media, I see a general trend by viewers responding toward the visually appealing artworks. But serious artwork isn’t always about the visually appealing. Sometimes we want …