The Hidden Path conference attendees

I’ve been teaching marketing to artists since 2009. For the last year I’ve been traveling around the country giving a talk called The Hidden Path of the Artist Career. It’s a summation of what I’ve learned about the stuff that gets left out of most artist training programs – the nuts and bolts of how …
Mandy Joy's Santa Face

Art that celebrates the multi-faceted Christmas season is alive and well at Art, Artists, Artwork. Part of me was beginning to think that the world of fine art had left Christmas aside with the advent of modernity, that Christmas stories and symbolism that were so prevalent in art since the Medieval times and was so …
Wandering in Search of Dreams, 100 x 100 cm oil painting by Tadeusz Machowski

What’s the best advice you ever heard (art related)? I thought this would leave it open enough to get collectors and buyers also leaving a comment. The majority, however, came from artists who all shared a little something from their own history. Some of it more recent, as seen by those who fall onto discouraging …
drawing demonstration and painting demonstration

The New York Academy of Arts presents a 3 hour drawing and painting demonstration with featuring Academy faculty members Michael Grimaldi, Vincent Desiderio, and Dan Thompson. Discussions from lighting, shadow, contrast, and much more discussed throughout the video. NOTE: SKIP the first TEN MINUTES There were some glitches, difficult audio at times, but overall a …
SINGER SINGS HIS SOUL II. (2014) Enamel and acrilic on canvas. 50 x 50 cms by Saúl Gil Corona

This is a big question that needs to be taken seriously. What is the purpose of art? Working with coordinating this artist collective and promoting their artwork via social media, I see a general trend by viewers responding toward the visually appealing artworks. But serious artwork isn’t always about the visually appealing. Sometimes we want …


It’s easy enough to find the general reasons people buy art. There are videos all over YouTube that try to spell out the various reasons people invest time, money, wall space and other things in the buying of pictorial art. One brave young soul narrowed it down to two reasons that people buy art: The …
Learn to Draw

Learning the anatomy of the body is an integral part of learning to draw and paint well. Understanding the structure of bones and muscles and their associated movements ensures you are better able to represent your subject accurately. Join Michael Burban via The Art Students League of New York as he spends 90 minutes covering …
Simon Bull, plein air painting a beautiful fall landscape

People often think, “I can do that.” And they’re right. I’m just not sure how good they’ll be at first crack, but some people do quite well right out of the gate. Many artists encourage other people to pick up the  brush and paint for themselves. The art fairs and art sales will happen soon …
Dasmang. Changes . 30 X 36 Acrylic on canvas

When looking to buy original art, rather than something less than extraordinary that you might find at Home Depot or even Walmart, or any department store, you are engaging in a good thing. It is a practice not unlike buying from a small business rather than a large franchise, or like buying local rather than national. But, like …
2016 Erin Hanson Cypress Clouds

Hayley Roberts shares a list of 12 Things No One Tells You About Being an Artist. Some harsh realities, hard decisions, and personal  trials artists face. Source: Huff Post We live in frugal times and for most people an art purchase is an excess, not a necessity. These days people prefer to adorn their walls …