2016 Erin Hanson Cypress Clouds

Hayley Roberts shares a list of 12 Things No One Tells You About Being an Artist. Some harsh realities, hard decisions, and personal  trials artists face. Source: Huff Post We live in frugal times and for most people an art purchase is an excess, not a necessity. These days people prefer to adorn their walls …
Open Impressionism Volume II: Featuring the Works of Erin Hanson

Los Angeles-based impressionist, Erin Hanson, has been painting landscapes of distant trails and rural locales across the country for over 10 years. Dedicating herself to complete a piece a week almost a decade ago, she has stuck to that goal and has since built a career as well as a name as one of the …
understanding public art

Often people find themselves perplexed by Public Art and Art Installations. This wonderful short video featuring an adorable six-year-old host helps us to appreciate public art and how to engage further with it. Do you have a favorite Public Art in your neighborhood or city? Please share it in the comments. YouTube Description: Have you …
Marnie Fleming, curator and 2016 Canada Council laureate

Please subscribe (Canada Council YouTube) to support the arts in Canada. Marnie Fleming is a 2016 winner of the Governor General’s Awards in Visual and Media Arts. Directed by Daniel McIntyre Co-production / Coproduction : Canada Council for the Arts & Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) Presentation of the Canada Council for the …
ARTerra Artist Residence

ARTerra – Rural Artistic Residency Your home and studios in Portugal ARTerra is an artistic multidisciplinary residency founded in 2010. The project was born from the need for physical spaces where artists can create, meet, reflect on creative processes, and develop their work in an intensive and focused way. ARTerra is located in Central Portugal in …
Buying and Selling Art at Public Events

Artists have many opportunities to sell art in person to collectors and other interested buyers. This happens online and offline at open studios, art walks, art fairs, charity events, etc. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and your own website also play a role. Even so, face-to-face encounters are important. Here’s a few tips about selling art in those situations. The Space …
What is Art for?

What is art for? This often unasked question is asked giving us 5 reasons it helps us in this 5 minute video created by The School of Life with Mad Adam Films. The aesthetic and comforting factors of how art affects us is wonderfully explained. Art has a place in our lives and reminds us …
Your Forest(s) in the City Collection by Milly Martionou

Art World News with Christie’s article titled Antenna: 7 Hot Trends for 2016. It leads with “The decline of the art fair, growing interest in women artists and the emergence of treasures from the sea — Meredith Etherington-Smith looks into her crystal ball for the year ahead.” Arts, Artists, Artwork was saddened by the possibility that one trend would …


Tyler Stalman of SaatchiOnline video guide to taking the best possible photos of your artwork, using simple lighting and camera techniques. https://youtu.be/Vpj28da03JQ


Jessie Parsons short video documentary on Vimeo asks models about posing for artists. Titled Mirror Doesn’t Love You Like This, it is a look inside sitting naked and what each model embraces as they view their work. From physical discomfort to contemplating thoughts while sitting quietly. A sense of time. A sense of space. A …