Patient Painting with Art Without Boundaries Association
by Lee Down

Art Without Boundaries Association has been certifying representational artists in MnemeTherapy ® to help improve the quality of life for individuals with Autism, Alzheimer’s disease and other related disorders of the brain. Some people confuse this painting-based therapy with art therapy, which is a psychological process. MnemeTherapy uses painting, movement and color to work directly …
Dane Deaner - Office Art Investment
by Lee Down

Buying art—collecting art—is not what it was during the Renaissance or even during the Impressionist era. Collecting art has evolved into a mainstream, practical investment. The development of art over the past centuries has been truly astonishing. The range and variety of art forms now available is breathtaking, and collecting and investing in art has …
7 Tips About The Content of Art You Can't Afford To Miss
by Lee Down

Content notion stands for the manifest an artist sends with it to people. The expression comes in anything dealing with the intention, subject, and the particular technique that the author chose. The content of art is the overall meaning and essence of the masterpiece, while the subject of art indicates the main focus. To know …
The Value of Art Making-How Shame and Stigma Hold Back Creatives
by Lee Down

Artists have always been subject to stigmas and social pressure. In Ancient Greece, Herodotus dismissed master craftsmen and artists as “mechanics.” In the Middle Ages, art was rife with censorship and confined to religious settings for monasteries, manuscripts, and mosaics. In the Romantic period, artists and poets like William Blake were simply considered mad. However, …
Photography for self expression and social change
by Lee Down

Nowadays, it can feel like anyone with an iPhone can label themselves as a photographer. However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are still those who swear by their DSLRs, and those who still love the simplicity and natural beauty of film. Because the art of photography has become so accessible, more people can …

by Lee Down

As the time to make college applications approaches, the question of how to get into different colleges ranks again. Far from the easiest school to get into, an art school can be as difficult to be accepted in as a medical major or an MBA program. Here, we look at the art school application process …

by Lee Down

Living the artist’s lifestyle is a wonderful way to use your time and energy. Spending your days sculpting, painting, drawing, or taking pictures leads to self-discovery and gives you a unique insight into life’s deepest questions. However, life as an artist can quickly become overwhelming, and burnout is a major issue for both hobbyists and …
Art Therapy and Art Exploration for Seniors
by Lee Down

Originally used to help soldiers treat PTSD after World War I, art therapy has long been used to help people cope with stress, anxiety, and important fine motor skills. Practicing simple art exercises for no other purpose other than to explore and have fun can help people process traumas and unlock a more positive mindset that produces …

by Sherylle Dovaston

You know that workplace? Functional but slightly boring. Perhaps it has no art on the walls at all, or maybe the designers played it safe with inoffensive and inexpensive art. Either way, the environment doesn’t foster creativity or engage the senses. Research tells us that art in the workplace produces positive benefits; enhanced mood, improved …

by Lee Down

Evolved just a few years ago, non-fungible tokens or commonly referred to as NFTs are one of today’s ultra-modern innovations in the field of technology. These digital tokens are now booming around the world and have given rise to a whole new and lucrative industry. From passionate collectors all over the world to those who …