Being a juror of an art exhibit is always humbling, a learning experience, an avenue to give encouragement, and without doubt, an honor. The first thing that a mindful juror will do – whether he or she is jurying artists as members into an organization, jurying artwork into an exhibit, or jurying for awards – …


What does this time of the year represent for you, your culture, your family, or religion? Winter & the Cultural Holidays  covers a vast range of subjects from Christmas, Hanukkah, Santa Claus, and other variations on the time of year like snow, wildlife, landscape, etc. It also naturally works across many platforms in all media. …
The Pretentious Show - Alexander Devenport

Featuring: Alexander Devenport, The Pretentious Show A very entertaining and informative presentation helping us examine the notion that Modern Art is Bullshit!! Enjoy the show The age old question, ‘is modern art ‘bullshit’ There have been many accusations and arguments against contemporary art, in this video I have attempted to tackle all of them, or …