Valentina Butnarciuc is a contemporary artist of Ukrainian origin. She has a unique painting style that combines academism and modern expressionism with bright, bold, and textured brush strokes. 

Valentina graduated from university with major in decorative art and design. Valentina’s father was the man who encouraged her to pursue her career in art; and her mentor at the university was Petr Petrovich Chakir, a recognized and honored artist of the USSR and Ukraine.

Valentina’s philosophy is to create paintings that don’t have to be explained in words, that speak from the canvas instead and let the viewers use their own imagination and see the painting in their own unique way.  

One of Valentina’s signature paintings is titled “The Mirror of Soul” seen below in the gallery. This title was inspired by Leo Tolstoy’s quote “Eyes are the mirror of soul”. Valentina explains, eyes of the person carry a lot of information about her personalities, her emotional state and mood, and even about her character in general. By painting lively expressive eyes, Valentina conveyed all that information about the character portrayed on the painting. The artist confesses that “The mirror of soul” is one of her most favorite paintings out of her entire collection that she enjoyed creating immensely.  

Valentina describes herself as a very emotional and sensitive person. She cares deeply about her work to which she gives all her heart and soul. 

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