Contemporary Impressionist Erin Hanson Closes Out a Record Year


Erin Hanson kicked off 2016 with a three-month solo exhibition Erin Hanson: Painted Parks at the St. George Art Museum in southern Utah, which honored the National Parks Service’s centennial. The standout 36-piece collection sold out before show end with 10% of the proceeds donated to Zion National Park.

Just following the grand opening of Painted Parks came the unveiling of her largest oil painting to date: Field of Blooms, a 13-foot- wide abstract floral panorama. This floral painting was a new vision for Hanson, who has focused solely on landscapes for the past decade.

The summer found Hanson traveling around the Western states doing art shows and exploring nature in Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona and Utah.

In September, Hanson flew to Alpine, Texas, to give an inspiring lecture at the Museum of the Big Bend, in concert with the opening of A Feeling of Humanity: The Ken Ratner Collection, which includes a few of her oil paintings.

In October, 2016, Hanson had a new collection release that focused solely on the color “orange.” This collection was Hanson’s attempt to push a single color as far as she could while painting ordinary landscapes. The Orange Show included paintings of Colorado aspens, California wine country, and big sunset skies.

By the opening of her much anticipated The Orange Show Hanson’s annual sales had topped one million USD. Hanson’s collectors now reach worldwide, across the likes of Switzerland, Kuwait, Spain, Australia and Canada. Her ever-growing international fan-base now counts in the hundreds of thousands.

Hanson’s truest success is marked by the response from her beloved collectors, many of who own upwards of ten or more of her uniquely impressionistic landscapes. Her works bring beauty, wonder and a keen sense of adventure to the homes, offices, museums, hospitals and hotels that ultimately house them.

Prolific in every sense of the word, Erin has painted over 100 new pieces this year, including her ode to Monet: Water Lilies and its counterpart Lilies at Dawn. Other notable works include: Saguaro Dusk, Layered Light and Dreamscape.

At the close of 2016, Hanson is relocating her gallery and studio, which has been in Los Angeles for 5 years, down to beautiful San Diego, where the local fan base welcomes her with open arms. As the Spotlight artist for Art San Diego in November, Hanson is ready to make her presence known in her new home base.

Erin Hanson proves that contemporary impressionism is alive and well and that the passion for and continuation of the great impressionists still rides high in our modern era.

2016 shows included:

Erin Hanson: Painted Parks at the St George Art Museum
Romance in Bloom at The Erin Hanson Gallery
Cowgirl Up! Western Art Exhibition at Desert Caballeros Western Museum
La Quinta Arts Festival (jury member and exhibitor)
Bellevue Arts Museum Arts Fair
Impressions of California, a solo exhibition at Studios on the Park, California
A Feeling of Humanity: The Ken Ratner Collection at the Museum of Big Bend
Erin Hanson: The Orange Show at The Erin Hanson Gallery
Art San Diego (Spotlight Artist)
The Petite Collection at The Erin Hanson Gallery
The Mountain Oyster Club Art Show





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