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Creating a wall calendar is actually quite simple. It makes for a great present, which also acts as a year-round marketing tool. Plus, the profit margin on this beautiful gift item is very good. Here are the steps to producing a wall calendar and a video you can watch.

1) Take pictures of your artwork using your phone. The quality is definitely good enough! Take your photos outside in the shade. Avoid hard light, shadows and glares. You want even lighting.

2) Crop and make lighting adjustments in an App such as Enlight. If this intimidates you, don’t let that stop you. You can always ask Youtube for a “How to…” video. There are many photo editing Apps that are very simple to learn and use, and there are Youtube tutorials on using them.

3) Find a printer. You can Google this! There are many all over the world who produce calendars. I use a local printer because they do a great job and I want to support a local business. Most printers have graphic designers on staff who can take your images and do all the necessary edits. Of course, they may charge extra based on the amount of editing is necessary. Don’t get hung up on color matching to the original. The customer never sees the original and could care less! All they want is a beautiful product! Moreover, the printer should supply you with a digital proof. Before getting thousands of calendars printed, ask for an actual, physical sample.

4) Figure out your pricing based on your printing and shipping costs, and conduct a time sensitive sale. Offer the calendar at a significant discount if people buy before a certain time. This will encourage sales and also give you some idea as to how many calendars to have printed. DO NOT print a lot calendars until you have sales. Print-on-demand today makes this possible. Otherwise, you may get stuck with lots of calendars. Remember, calendars have a shelf life and you don’t want to get stuck with extra inventory.

5) Remember Youtube! If you ever get stuck or feel intimidated because of a lack of knowledge, ask Youtube. There are videos on how to do EVERYTHING! Use Youtube to learn the stuff your don’t know.

Watch the video below.

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4 Replies to “Create Your Own Artist Wall Calendar”

  1. Thanks for the video! Very helpful. How do you mail your calendars? What type of envelope do you use? Do you include shipping in the price?

  2. Thanks. I have people asking for a calendar of my work. This helped me see the overview. Appreciate it.

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