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  1. Not only is Lee Down an amazing supporter of The Arts and Artists, his own work reflects a profound attention to detail. His work is beautiful!

  2. Nymira Gray represents a gold standard in artist. Nymira captures the expression of individual traits reflecting one’s character, at times capturing the one moment where emotions of experience are depicted through dirrect focus, a most difficult endeavor. The viewer and/or buyer seeks some form of common demonitator or aspect they can identify in a piece. For many this comes in a variety of elements, a texture, color, place, culture, etc.
    However there is nothing more fascinating than the. psychological expression of human experience. Nymira captures this concept in astounding clarity. The limited color pallet, the black background, and her incredible ability to speak through the eyes is unmatched. 24K Gold Leaf is a brilliant addition that speaks to her standard. Nymira’s pieces capture viewers attention through direct focus. Individual character and natural traits (Konstantine) speak to the individual however some pieces (Trinette) speak to the experience as well by expressing the mindset and/or psychological experience of the moment. Trinette may be related to in many ways but to this viewer, Trinette speaks to the beautiful faces of a form of bondage, be it psychological, economical, or trafficked. Bravo. 5 stars.

  3. Artist was helpful in steering me to where to pay. I would like to have a printed artist’s bio included with the painting.

    1. Glad I spotted this. Your artwork is all packaged up and waiting for the courier. I’ve slid a bio inside now. Thank you for your kind words and your order

  4. I purchased “Canyons of the great southwest” from Michael. First, I love the structure, color and texture of the work itself but I received excellent service in the post purchase experience as well! It was a freshly painted piece and Michael let me know it needed another couple days to dry because he didn’t want to risk damage in shipping which of course I appreciated. After it fully dried Michael had it on the way and it arrived beautiful and ready to place in my home in two days. Michael’s artistic expression and service to his customers is second to none!

    1. Thank you so much for your purchase and your review. I am wishing you a wonderful Holiday season!

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