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If you’re an art lover who’s always on the hunt for new, talented artists to add to your collection, this blog post is for you. Here, we’ll introduce you to some emerging and notable artists who are definitely worth your time (and money). Looking for something different in your art collection? Why not try one of these up-and-coming or notable artists? They all show exceptional skill and creativity in their work, so you can be sure that any piece by them would be a valuable addition to any art lover’s collection.

Notable & Established Artists

Finding the accomplished and recognized artists, you’re entering into art collecting and art investing with sound purchases which are at the very least guaranteed to retain their value over the long term. Very likely, many of these purchases will actually increase in value. The increase is something that most often takes many years to realize so keep that in mind. Art investing is rarely a market to flip investments for a quick buck. Instead, you’re putting your money into art that will hold its value or increase to varying degrees.

Nataliya Bagatskaya, Ukraine

Nataliya Bagatskaya is a top selling artist and a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. She’s been in more than 30 group exhibitions and 3 solo exhibitions during her career. She’s also willing to negotiate her prices when you message her. Visit her profile to read her bio in more detail.

In the past, her landscapes and other intriguing realism pieces were often purchased by buyers around the world. More recently, she’s been on a Mona Lisa kick and that has really stirred up the pot. Some hate it but many more love it and many have already sold. The Somewhere in Ukraine piece really speaks to the crisis happening in Ukraine now.

<a href=httpsartsartistsartworkcomproductthe 10 day diet please support the ukrainian artist target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>The 10 Day Diet by Nataliya<a> Bagatskaya featuring Mona Lisa

Rakhmet Redzhepov, Latvia

Rakhmet Redzhepov is a very accomplished artist with many solo and group exhibitions under his belt. You can see the list of accomplishments on his profile bio view here. The significant accomplishments for group and solo exhibitions are in English but other accomplishments and milestones are in his mother tongue so you’ll need to copy/paste and use Google Translator to get more detail from it.

His work is timeless and quite popular with many collectors around the world. He is constantly challenging himself and broadening his talent and expertise. He has wonderful abstracts and abstract qualities to his more realist scenic paintings. There’s bound to be something to liven up your space. He has a vast price variation that is dependent upon the size, style and subject matter. His higher priced work is generally more sought after, which is worth noting.

There are so many examples to choose from it was hard to decide what to include to show you here. Visit Rakhmet Redzhepov’s Profile, Bio and Shop and view everything he has to offer. His cat series is whimsical and adorable. His abstracts are incredible, and then there’s this example below of his abstract qualities with realistic subjects.

<a href=httpsartsartistsartworkcomproductgondolier dreams of a world sail trip 2 target= blank rel=noopener title=Gondolier Dreams Of A World Sail Trip by Rakhmet Redzhepov>Gondolier Dreams Of A World Sail Trip<a> by <a href=httpsartsartistsartworkcomvendorrakhmet target= blank rel=noopener title=Rakhmet Redzhepov Shop Profile>Rakhmet Redzhepov<a>

Marta Zawadzka, Poland

Marta Zawadzka is a rising artist from Europe who has exhibited in many countries and whose art has been collected in over 40 countries. She’s made the Saatchi Art emerging artists from Eastern Europe list in the past and in 2019 made their Collectors Favorites list. Marta Zawadzka’s artwork is both fun and energizing, with excellent use of color, abstraction and visible and recognizable portraiture in her pieces. Visit Marta Zawadzka’s Profile and Shop page to read her bio and review the works she has on display.

<strong>SOLD<strong> Marilyn Monroe by Marta Zawadzka

Alain Rouschmeyer, France

Alain Rouschmeyer is a highly recognized artist in France. He is certified and listed as a professional French artist which you can see the certification here. He has exhibited his work in many group and solo shows over the years. His paintings are skilfully done depicting traditional figurative and scenic images that often tell a story and evoke a sense of mood or even memories. His certification and standing in the professional art world means his value as an artist will remain high. You can view Alain Rouschmeyer’s Profile and Shop page to read a bit more about him and review the paintings he has on display.

<a href=httpsartsartistsartworkcomproductau parc target= blank rel=noopener title=Au Parc by Alain Rouschmeyer>Au Parc<a> by Alain Rouschmeyer

Alexander Koltakov, Canada

Alexander Koltakov came to Canada via a circuitous route from Russia many years ago. He moved to the Halifax, Nova Scotia region from Toronto and can often be found participating in plein air painting events and his artworks are shown in many reputable galleries. They often depict scenes of the region but he also does many other impressionist paintings that are soft and subtle and very pleasing to the eye. His work consistently sells in galleries and on other notable online galleries. You can view his Alexander Koltakov’s Profile, Bio and Shop here.

Returning to the Summer Beach 2 by Alexander Koltakov

Up and Coming Artists

This is a tricky area as there are no assurances with emerging artists, but the purchase price will almost always retain their value. We notice some artists who take their emerging artist status very seriously and raise their prices astronomically. Other’s increase them gradually. We tend to favor the more sensible approach of gradual increases and not overpricing their work just because they made a list somewhere by a notable source. The artists we’ve listed below make our list for a few reasons.

  1. We’ve seen their growth over the course of their career.
  2. The work they’re producing is good to exceptional.
  3. Their prices are still good bargains.
  4. They are being chosen to show their work at exhibitions and gallery shows.

Julia Strittmatter, Germany/USA

Julia Strittmatter has been on my radar for many years. I’ve seen her study in San Francisco to further develop her skills. I’ve seen her paint many local scenes in San Francisco and elsewhere. And I’ve watched as her painting style evolved into something looser, colorful, less constrained and very luxurious to the eyes. She transitioned while learning from a representational to an impressionistic style and I much prefer the latter. I confess, I do have a soft spot for her and what she paints. I see flashes of brilliance as she continues to grow and evolve. Her artwork is still bargain priced for her level of talent. She’s now living and working in Germany for the foreseeable future but she does ship worldwide. You can view Julia Strittmatter’s Profile, Bio and Shop here.

<a href=httpsartsartistsartworkcomproductrural peace target= blank rel=noopener>Rural Peace<a> by <a href=httpsartsartistsartworkcomvendorjulia strittmatter target= blank rel=noopener title=Julia Strittmatter Impressionist Painter>Julia Strittmatter<a>

Sara Bardin, United States

Sara Bardin is a floral lovers delight. Her skill depicting gorgeous and colorful florals and natural landscapes is impeccable. They will brighten any space and capture attention. Sara is a professional and a very busy mom so her paintings come out only occasionally. We see a bright future as her duties as a mom subside and she has more time to paint in the years to come. She’s been selected to exhibit in prestigious shows and galleries in recent years and the value of her paintings will increase. You can view Sara Bardin’s Profile, Bio and Shop here.

Illumination by Sara Bardin

Sean Kalley, United States

Sean Kalley is an artist whose work intrigues us. Not only is he a talented painter, but he is also diverse in his subject matter. He has spent more than a decade refining his skills, exploring different mediums and enjoying working in each. His paintings are bright and often crisply depicted, making them excellent focal points in a room that generate conversation. We can see his paintings value being steadfast over the years, with the possibility of it increasing in value as his portfolio and skills grow. You can view Sean Kalley’s Profile, Bio and Shop here.

1714 Sold by Sean Kalley

Dawn Rodger, United Kingdom

Dawn Rodger is a dedicated student of the arts, always expanding her studies and practice. She also will often be found making her own oil paints which is quite the process in itself. We’re particularly fond of her landscapes, seascapes, and weather paintings which exude Magic Realism. One of her unique figurative pieces was selected to be used by a Jazz musician for his album cover. And Dawn is getting recognition from UK galleries where her work has been displayed and sold. We see a consistent development in her work and value. You can view Dawn Rodger’s Profile, Bio and Shop here.

<strong>SOLD<strong> <a href=httpsartsartistsartworkcomproductthree ravens target= blank rel=noopener title=Three Ravens by Dawn Rodger>Three Ravens<a> by Dawn Rodger

Anna Roberts, United States

Anna Roberts is a consistent and particular artist who defies following trends. She sets out to paint her own unique visions with a taste for the surreal. She’s been popular over the years with people who love the unusual or the mystical, as many of her works depict a sense of mystical meaning. Earthy tones and comforting blues are her primary choices when painting. Her value has held consistently and in the future, as the demands of her business may subside, it is likely to grow. You can view Anna Roberts Profile, Bio and Shop here.

Clarity in Chaos by Anna Roberts

Summing Up Notable and Emerging Artists

Art investing is risky and not so risky all at the same time. For example, if you’re wealthy and go to auction houses with hundreds of thousands or even millions to spend, chances are your investment is sound. But if you’re an average buyer wanting to buy art and collect on a smaller scale, you’re going to want to purchase art that speaks to you. You’ll want to be knowledgeable about the price range that is typical for the art you intend to buy. And you’ll want to know and understand that the majority of your purchases will not lose any value over time. And that’s where it’s less risky, as art can almost always fetch the same price or a bit larger price than what you paid the year you bought it—if you’ve given it adequate time.

In our selections here today, the Notable Artists have consistently proven their worth in the art market. Their prices, interestingly, are not solely reflective of the art market in the United States for example. Some European countries economies offer us lower priced but no less valuable art, so they can actually be a better purchase by a buyer in the USA. Whereas an artist in the USA will sell at a higher price which reflects the current economy of living and working in the US. So, by all means, take advantage of this differences and purchase art from Eastern Europe.

With the Emerging Artists we’ve listed, we also have identified those who are more established and those are trying to become established, and their prices will reflect that difference. So, if you see something that is pleasing to your eye but you worry about the low price, don’t be dissuaded. Bargains can be found and they will be able to be sold for more if you decide to sell it later on.

The most important thing in buying art is that you add to your art collection the kind of artwork that appeals the most to you. It will live on your walls and brighten up your space and reflect to the world a little bit about your tastes, personality and values. In short, buy the art you love. That way your investment can be measured in more than just financial gain.

Final word: Keep your receipts to keep a record and always ask for a certificate of authenticity for each of your purchases.

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  1. Thank you for highlighting some wonderful artists with different styles. This was an enjoyable read.

    1. Thank you, Nancy. It took some doing to hand pick some to feature, and even more to write, but I managed to do a good job. Thank you for your wonderful comment.

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