by Lee Down

We, artists, have many funny stories from our practice and sometimes we create unintentionally humorous paintings that we don’t always share with public. Today I would like to share one of mine (Julia Strittmatter) and maybe make somebody smile.

It happened when I was taking still life painting class at art school. I had an assignment to paint a piece of draped fabric and make a composition of it. I draped a sheet over a water bottle, put a rose next to it and painted. When I finished painting my set up the composition seemed too plain to me, so I decided to add more elements to it to make it more sophisticated, and I painted more imaginary bottles with draped fabric melting into the background. When I finished the painting and stepped away to view it, I burst into laughter. It came out unintentionally humorous.

I shared the painting with my artist friends and asked them to suggest a title. I received over a dozen of suggestions, but these two I liked the most:

  • Failed reception, a sad story of love gone wrong
  • Beyond the valley of sheets

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Julia Strittmatter, Representational ArtistJulia Strittmatter is a Representational artist. She is a Russian-American artist, living part time in Russia and part time in San Francisco, CA. She appreciates art in its all expressions, including good literature, cinematography, and music, which have inspired a lot of her paintings; some pieces carry specific song or movie titles. She enjoys creating art works that celebrate special moments of life and validate human emotions through different genres, including portrait, landscape, and still life. She uses mostly oils, but also colored pencils, and pastels.

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