Greek Painter, Milly Martionou, Killing It: Abstract Expression


She is, without a doubt, my favourite abstract expressionist artist today. I have heard others say they all look the same — her artwork. Yet, if that were true, would I have the same intense emotions I feel when I do look at this present body of work?

Like Jackson Pollock, the energy and emotion that created these beautiful works of art exudes from the canvas and begins to pull first at the eyes and then at the soul.

Go ahead and get lost.



In the Luminous ways collection, the viewer can feel the light coming out of the canvas in a very energetic way. This is the light that dwells within us, guiding us throughout our lives, helping us to fulfill our destiny..





One response to “Greek Painter, Milly Martionou, Killing It: Abstract Expression”

  1. Isabelle BERNARD AKA Solange Dubelli Avatar
    Isabelle BERNARD AKA Solange Dubelli

    Hello there! What a beautiful Art work! These are masterpieces ! I can see in one autumn colors and trees shaping a path. In another one, I see spring and flowers in a meadow ! I truly enjoy the ambiance and the feeling that these Fine Art pieces release and I like to get lost while looking at these Abstract Art works !

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