How Can Artists Start Selling Their Work Online in 2022


Thanks to the Internet, gifted people can share their creativity with others, advertise themselves, and find like-minded people and sponsors. In addition, artists have the opportunity to sell their paintings with the help of online platforms. But, how to master the web marketplace? What do you need to know to sell your painting profitably? And most importantly, what websites exist in 2022 where you can sell your work in a few days or even faster? Read this article to find out.

Tips on How to Avoid Mistakes and Sell a Painting Profitably

So, you’ve decided to sell your artwork online. You’ve chosen a site, put a frame on, and picked up your phone to take some photos. But now, slow down and read these tips first if you want your painting to find its buyer. For more guidance on this topic, use Rated by Students to choose a writer who will research for you. And now, you need to do the following:

✔️ Get your painting framed, and then you can sell it for a higher price. You can do it yourself or ask for help from an experienced framing specialist;

✔️ Carefully study the prices on the market to establish an acceptable cost for your work. However, don’t over estimate the price, as it may scare customers;

✔️ Remember that art collectors prefer to buy expressionist or abstract paintings and copies of famous artists’ works.

Websites for Selling Paintings

The 21st century offers many opportunities for artists. And even if you consider selling paintings online, which is already an advantage, you may not be limited to just one or two platforms. Here we are talking about media collaborators who work with creators directly, offline and online galleries, and marketplaces where you can run your pages. This table will look at the most well-known sites for selling paintings today.

Saatchi Art
If you don’t want to get bogged down in small things and start with the most prominent players in the market of online galleries and platforms for artists, then pay attention to Saatchi Art. The platform allows you to exhibit and sell paintings, drawings, photographs, and sculptures. As for the price, no one limits you here.
However, it’s still not worth distancing yourself from reality if you want to find a buyer. Thus, describe the materials used, their cost, and the working hour price to justify the artwork’s cost. What else is remarkable about this platform? First, the significant pros are promoting your brand and organizing exhibitions and fairs.
The gallery catalog has three main parts with price ranges of $1-2,000, $2-5,000, and $5-10,000. You get 65% of the income for your paintings, and the remaining 35% (of each work sold) takes the service. If you want to sell your artwork as quickly as possible, you can place it in the collectors’ feed if you have a premium subscription.
The platform created in France, where over 160 thousand artists have posted about 2.5 million of their works, is also noteworthy. The range of works creators can sell here doesn’t differ from the site mentioned above. We suggest you check out the “Other” section, where authors can exhibit their prints, collages, and digital and textile art objects. Works are sorted by price: up to 100 euros, 100-500 euros, 500-2000 euros, 2-5 thousand euros, and more than 5 thousand euros.
On the service, you can sell your works directly to collectors without a platform commission, which is not the case with Saatchi Art. Why does the service exist then? From artists who have placed more than 10 of their works here. Do you want additional promotion for your work? Then be prepared to pay about 150 euros, but the chances of selling a painting increase. So it’s better to weigh the pros and cons to see if it’s worthwhile for you.
Arts, Artists, Artwork (AAA)AAA is a selling platform run by creative people for their benefit. It was created by artist and photographer Lee Down (One Man Can Human Capital Development), who first started promoting artists’ work in the early days of Facebook. So naturally, promotion is not limited to it, and your work will be shown to potential buyers on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The benefit of this platform is the lower commission compared to other services, namely, only 15%. Thus, your income here will be pretty high.
Read How The Site Works for more specific details about membership fees and their commission rate.

Platforms that Collaborate with Galleries

A great solution would be to partner with offline and online galleries that feature you on multiple platforms through which major collectors can notice your paintings. If you want a more extensive list of sites that collaborate with galleries than the one in the table below, use Top Writing Reviews writing company to find an expert who can gather the information you need.

Artsy.netFor 12 years, Princeton University student Carter Cleveland created an art platform that is now one of the largest in the world, with an average price per lot of $200,000. The number of visitors has passed the 2.5 million mark per month, and investors have included such names as Wendy Murdoch and Rick Burton.
More than 2,500 galleries, 800 museums, and 60 art fairs worldwide work with the site, including the Louver in Paris, the National Gallery in London, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and many others. In addition, the site features over one million works by hundreds of thousands of artists worldwide.
ArtlandThe Danish startup for artists and private collectors is quickly gaining popularity due to its user-friendly website and equally user-friendly mobile app. This site is incredibly convenient for collectors, who can maintain an online catalog of their collection and manage individual items through a personal account or app. Within seconds, a user can put one of their works up for sale or buy a painting from an artist whose work style fits in with their collection.
ArtfinderIf you’re an independent artist who has never exhibited your work in a gallery before, Artfinder will be a real find for you. A unique feature of this site is that it has been developed using artificial intelligence technology. As a result, a collector can quickly find suitable works thanks to a search engine that adjusts to their preferences. In addition, the Emma Artfinder Twitter bot, which analyzes the tweets of social media users and offers them to buy a particular work of art, is used to create individual offers and search for potential clients.
SingulartIt’s an elitist site created in Germany. To register, you’ll have to undergo a stringent selection process by a team of art historians. Then, carefully analyzing the works, they choose the most talented and promising emerging artists, who are invited to place their artworks on the site. In this way, the exclusivity effect created by the club gives collectors confidence in the uniqueness of the paintings of art they purchase.


So you can sell your artwork in many ways. But you must never forget and understand why you’re doing it and for what purpose. At the same time, you shouldn’t stop creating, constantly learning new things, and using the information and valuable recommendations described in this article to achieve high results in the professional field and monetize your art.

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