Site Security

Our web host runs a tight ship. Security is very rigid. It expects users to use very difficult passwords and will prevent the use of weak passwords.

In addition, failed login attempts are limited to three before they ban you from any further attempts for a penalty waiting period. This is a deterrent to suspected hackers. While this can be an inconvenience to us legitimate users, it is for our own peace of mind and security. 

My rule of thumb that I suggest for you is to only try the password twice. If it fails both times and you can’t remember it, use the Forgot Password feature to reset your password. I also recommend you have a Password Manager that helps you keep track, manage and remember your passwords.

If  you do forget to stop after a few failed attempts and you are greeted with a Your IP has been banned page, there is a Click to Unban link. Click that to prove you’re not a bot program and to continue your login process or password reset.

If you continue to experience difficulties, do not hesitate to use our Contact page to reach out for support. We have the ability to manually reset your password. Please be advised, we’re a skeleton crew that does require sleep and we will endeavor to get back to you within one business day.

Visit Frequently Asked Questions for more specifics and answers to any other questions you may have.

Browsing the Site

Arts, Artists, Artwork provides many options to explore the artwork on the website. From the home page you can access Featured Artists, Featured Artwork, and Just Arrived new to the marketplace. From the Menu up top you can browse the Artwork gallery where nothing is available for purchase, or you can visit the Art Store. All items listed in the Art Store are available for purchase. Also recommended, you can browse through the Artists listed on our site and view their individual store fronts.

Purchasing Artwork

PayPal is our payment processor partner. They permit purchases from Credit Cards and PayPal accounts. To purchase art from the site, simply click the Buy button on the Artwork of your interest and it will take you to the Checkout page. 

Please complete a purchase from one artist at a time. This prevents issues for the artist. You will be prompted for your shipping information and an account on the site will be created for you. In some cases, it is possible that an Artist does not ship to your region. 

As each artist is running their own storefront, they receive 85% of the sale price plus the full shipping rate. This is paid out almost immediately upon completion of the sale.

After the sale is completed, you will be able to login to the site to review your Order. You can also use the internal messaging system to communicate with the artist. The Order page will display the tracking number and url so you can monitor the shipment. 

Saving Favorites

You’ll notice on Artwork you view there is a Favorite button. This allows you to click on your Favorites that you may be considering purchasing if you’re not ready to purchase right now. Our site uses Cookies to keep track of your favorites so when you come back to the site and click on the Favorites button in the top-menu bar, you’ll be presented with your list of Artworks that are of interest to you, unless you’ve cleared your browser history and cookies.

Messaging Artists

You’ll notice on the artist’s profiles where it says Contact and a small envelope icon. You can click that and you will be able to use our internal messaging system to communicate with the artist. You will be asked to register a free account to access the messaging system so just follow the page instructions to get registered and logged in.  The system will remember who you clicked Contact on and you can write them your message. In the future, login to the site first to make your browsing, buying and messaging more streamlined. 

Giving Reviews

Our Artists love receiving rave reviews. Please consider returning to the site to provide your feedback on an artwork you have purchased. Even if you haven’t purchased it, you can also offer a review based upon what you see on the site. 

Leave a Testimonial

Arts, Artists, Artwork also loves to receive testimonials. You’ll see in the Submit a Testimonial at the right on a desktop, or below on mobile. Just click that and tell us how much you love us. 

Refunds, etc.

Each artist acts as an independent store on the site and while we encourage the same Refund and Returns policy, not all policies will be the same. Work with us directly and the artist to coordinate your refund if you find you’re unhappy with the artwork you’ve received. You have a limited time to decide so act quickly.

Visit Frequently Asked Questions for more specifics and answers to any other questions you may have.

Arts, Artists, Artwork is an Artists Collective who, after 10 years of growing a massive audience has been able to invest heavily into creating this website to help market Artists. It works for Artists with exclusive representation and it works for Artists looking for a favorable Marketplace. 

Please note, I’m an artist (as well as a life coach and technology professional) and those who have helped me bring Arts Artists Artwork to this place are also artists with varied backgrounds. We need to work together to make this fly and with my background in tech and social media, along with those who are volunteering to make it grow each day, we can do amazing things. We can do amazing things together with your participation. See About Us to learn more.

Primary Membership is mandatory requirement for all Artists. If you have upgraded to Vendor Store, your store can be suspended if you allow your Primary Membership to lapse. 

The Primary Membership is $25/year and all payments on our site require our users and member artists have a PayPal account. Once you are signed up and logged in, you can keep this membership to list yourself on the site and display a portfolio of 24 artworks. You won’t have any store functionality to sell your work and this supports those who have signed exclusive rights with galleries representing them.

Once logged in with your Primary Membership you can upgrade your account with the Vendor Membership. This option is accessible from the dashboard when logged into the site. 

The Vendor Membership is $6.95/month (the first month is free) and allows you to sell up to 200 artworks from your profile store front. Arts Artists Artwork takes a 15% commission on sales. The artist is paid as soon as they provide us with the shipping tracking number and receives their 85% payment plus the full shipping fees.

Please refer to the Instructions and Announcements once you join to help you get things set up correctly.

Vendor Dashboard
Once you’re logged in you are greeted with a Dashboard view for both Primary Member and Vendor Member. The options available will be the main difference. In both member plans you can add artwork to the site, 24 for Primary Member for your profile, and 200 for the Vendor Member to list for sale and process orders. 

Important Note: Please use the Instructions page. You’ll see it in your navigation menu in the Vendor Dashboard. It will guide you to some of the less than obvious settings you need to do to get the most benefit from using the site and selling your work here.

Add Artwork
From the dashboard you will see Add Artwork. There are multiple sections for adding the artwork. The first section is primarily the title and selling options. The Featured Image section is where you upload your primary image of the artwork. Be sure to have used an image that is compressed for use on the Internet. They are preferably no more than 200KB or less but can be up to 1MB in size which is not recommended. 

Another important section to take note of is the Attributes section. From here you Add Attribute for Color and then specify the main colors of the artwork. This is important as the buyers browsing the site can use the filters to sort the artworks on display to choose artwork of a specific color that may match their decor. For your reference and ease, I have posted a detailed Announcement accessible from the Vendor Dashboard to guide you.

Also, another important note is the Shipping section. We do not use the shipping information to calculate shipping on the individual artwork listings, we use Flat Rates that you set up elsewhere in Billing Settings. What is important to note in the Shipping portion of the Artwork uploaded is the dimensions width and height. The Width & Height is used for the Artwork product page display so that the buyers can see the dimensions of your artwork.  This too is also detailed in an Announcement accessible from the Vendor Dashboard.

The buyers can also use the Filter tool to display results meeting their criteria. Size and color attributes as well as price and style are part of this Filter tool. 

Processing Orders
When you receive an order it is important to act upon it quickly. Payment is received by us via our PayPal account and your commission of 85% is paid to you within an hour typically, along with the full shipping rate you’re charging. Once you package and ship the artwork, it is imperative that you add the tracking number for the shipment and tracking url. From the main dashboard you will see a window-box for Orders where you can click the Shipping icon to insert the tracking url and tracking number. This information is then also available to the buyer so they can track the shipment of their order.
We hope to never have to process any refunds. But should a client express dissatisfaction with their purchase in a timely manner, we must seek to address the situation and offer a refund. It is the buyers responsibility to ship the artwork back to you at their own expense and we must refund the customer the original full purchase price less the shipping cost. That means you must also refund your commission and shipping payment back to us at Arts, Artists, Artwork so that we can perform this refund. Any failure to act in good faith and in a timely manner risks having your store and account suspended from any further transactions.
Featured Artists
You can request to become a Featured Artist via the ‘Apply for Featured Artist’ option at the top of the dashboard screen. Suitable candidates will be promoted on the site’s home page as well as through our social media channels (notably the 1.5M followers Facebook page). Selection is based on the likelihood of good post performance and so artworks will need to be eye catching and well photographed. There are two options for Featured Artist, a 7 day promotion or a 30 day promotion, this keeps you Featured on the Home Page of the website for this period.

On our Facebook page, both options get one photo or photo set published to the page. The 7 day option on our website will get a single image one-day boost for their published post and the 30 day option will get a multi-image (or single-image) four-day boost for their published post. Once your Featured time period expires you can re-apply for another Featured Period.

Due to potential volumes of requests, sometimes your application may be denied. This is due to only being able to efficiently support and feature a certain number of artists in any given month.

Going on Vacation
Whenever you will be unable to process orders within 24 hours, please notify us via our support(at) with the Subject Heading Suspend My Shop. Please include the link in the email to your store shop and your username on the site. We will then suspend your shop until we hear back from you that you’ve returned and wish your shop to be online and visible again.

Visit Frequently Asked Questions for more specifics and answers to any other questions you may have.

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