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Social media presence is becoming imperative in any niche, and artists are not exempt from this rule. What used to be a webpage has now become a well-maintained social media account in terms of visibility and the ease of contacting potential customers. However, optimizing your social media account to work with your particular audience may not be as easy as it seems, so here is a list of techniques that have been proven to drive more traffic to your website and your social media profiles.

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1.  Optimize Your Website – Make It Work With Your Art Social Media Profile

Your website is equally important as your social media profiles. While the ease of searchability that Social Media offers is a sure benefit for everybody who is on social media, many artists still choose to accompany this audience booster with a website. After all, an artistic soul searches to express themselves freely and social media alone are sometimes not enough for this to happen.

So, with approximately 81% of Americans having a social media account, make sure to optimize the page and direct as much traffic to your website. Here, you can add the visitors to a mailing list, present with the products that they can buy, or give them a chance to express themselves: run a comment-enabled blog and ask people to share their take on the subjects you’re dealing with. Do not forget that SEO optimization is still important on social networks as well – what keywords are for Google, hashtags are for Instagram and Facebook. 

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2.  Analyze Your Audience

Understanding your audience is an important step to building a better social media profile. This information is already present on some platforms, so Instagram, a very visual social network, offers its “Insights” which present very concise data on your followers: their gender, location, age, and the times when they are the most active. Use this data to your advantage and post engaging, fun, personal posts when you know they will be most interacted with.

3.  Blog Regularly

With most social networks, posting regularly is a sure way to gain more followers. Social Media Platforms will not promote pages that post content sporadically. For them, it is better to constantly promote fewer pages that provide users with a constant stream of content. The same logic applies to your blog: if your users are used to getting a great blog post during a Sunday afternoon, then give this to them. Also, include your bio: here are 7 tips for writing the best artist’s BIO. People want to know who you are. As in life, you should strive to present some routine to your visitors, a safe zone of a kind. So on Fridays, you could be posting from places with great live music, Saturdays could be interviews with people you admire or people who admire you and Sundays could be for relaxing and asking you questions about your life, career, interests. Do not be afraid to be regular and to share with your viewers.

4.  Use Plenty of Hashtags

As we said before, hashtags are for Instagram what keywords are for Google. To reach the top and stay there, make sure to do proper research into what the relevant hashtags in your field are. Use them, recycle them and switch them regularly. The rule of thumb is that around ⅓ of your hashtags should be specifically related to your work, ⅓ should be about your field and ⅓ should be about the locality you want to establish your presence in. A proper mix of these is difficult to establish, especially if you’re into more than one kind of art or would like to address multiple locations and the audiences there, but as a general rule of thumb, this rule gives good results.

5.  Socialize With Your Audience

Your audience does not want to be passive. They want their voice to be heard. They want to comment on ongoing events and in a way, at least through the screen, participate in some activities with you as an artist. Make sure that you fully utilize the tools that enable you to interact and socialize with your audience. Do lives on Instagram, enable comments and establish some small giveaways: do what needs to be done to give a good experience to your audience. Collaborate with other artists in your niche and support each other. Be mindful that the audience can get overwhelmed with too much content, and if you stream everything you do, some people may get fed up and leave your stream. Listen to your audience and their needs and provide an experience that will be desired, but always leave out one last small bit unsaid: make them come back for more.

6.  Understand Your Social Goals

Understanding the social goals behind your page and online presence can be an important contributor to making a good online presence. Understand what your art has to teach the world and let that theme become a brand of yours. If you believe in doing your bit against climate change, include a few stories or a blog post about why YOU want to help and contribute. Spread YOUR ideas and beliefs, but stay wary that people on the other side of the screen may have their ideas that do not have to coincide with yours. So stay respectful and open-minded when interacting with your audience.

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Final Thoughts

Running a successful web page and social media accounts can be a bothersome task. However, implementing it into your routine yields good results and makes the task a little easier. Whatever you choose to do with your online presence, make sure that you are patient since all results take time and what you do today may only give you results two or so years from now. Optimize your web presence, analyze your audience, be regularly present online, do hashtag research, socialize and interact with your audience and understand your social goals. Having a picture as clear and precise as this one goes a long way.

Author’s bio. Jessica Fender is a copywriter and blogger at FreeEssayWriter with a background in marketing and sales. She enjoys sharing her experience with like-minded professionals who aim to provide customers with high-quality services.

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