Graham Berry is an extraordinary watercolor artist working out of his home in the UK. Below we’ve included a gallery of some of his favorite paintings for your viewing pleasure.

Afternoon nap 28 x 38cm watercolor by Graham Berry

How long have you been painting?

I’ve always loved to draw and paint, my talent such as it is was inherited from my mother, who was a very gifted artist.

Did you do some other forms of art before you took up painting?

I went to Blackpool Art College when I was 16 yrs old, I studied Graphic Design, and later specialised in Illustration at Wimbledon College of Art in London.

Was watercolor the first medium you chose, or did you dabble with others first?

After completing my course I stayed in London and was employed as a illustrator/visualizer in a small design studio in Soho. For my first full colour commissioned illustrations I painted using Designers Gouache but it wasn’t long before I moved onto Watercolours.

I have been a professional freelance Illustrator for over 40 years and have used every medium and many styles from very realistic to cartoons, using Airbrush, woodcut, oil paints, acrylics, pen and ink, coloured pencil. In fact, I’ve turned my hand to most mediums and styles. My work has been featured on book covers, magazine covers and articles, product labels, storyboards, visuals, etc. Over the years I have gradually specialised in Watercolour.

All my illustration work is now digital, I use Photoshop, Painter and Illustrator, I only consider I started my career as a painter in 2010 after the downturn in the economy reduced my illustration work. My digital illustration is done in my downstairs office and my paintings are done in my studio upstairs, (soon to be my garden studio) totally separate physically and mentally which is very important to me.

What are your biggest influences upon your painting?

The painters who have influenced my painting style are John Singer Sargent, Don Andrews and Robert Wade.

Doing the rounds 27 x 71cm watercolor by Graham Berry

I’ve noticed you have quite the skill at highlighting brightness of the day ­light ­ in your paintings. This is almost a trademark of your watercolors. Can you tell me more about this influence and practice?

My paintings are inspired by the effect of light and shadow on our environment, creating dynamic shapes and colours, I especially enjoy painting people going about their everyday lives. My experience working as an Illustrator has refined my drawing ability that is the foundation to my work.

Your paintings are varied, yet the most common trait of your paintings is the fact they’re of everyday people going about everyday things. Do you work live on site when creating these or are you capturing photographs that you work from?

I’m always on the look out for images that will make interesting paintings, I try to take my camera with me at all times just in case I see something that appeals. At other times I will go to a specific place or event with the intention of getting material for painting. Usually I will do a number of paintings from those photos or sketches. At the moment most of my paintings are studio based.

What appeals to you so much about everyday people doing everyday things?

I just love painting people and if there is some interaction between them all the better, cafes, market stalls, parks and beaches are all great places to people watch.

Do you stray from people and activities and paint other scenic paintings and if so, what do you tend to do?

I do like painting boats in harbours, jetties and on water.

Do you have any upcoming shows or exhibitions that you’ll be attending?

I have an exhibition in June at the old town hall in Garstang, which is quite near to me and I am taking part in a biennial exhibition with Rochemaure Aquarelle in the South of France in July.

How can people buy your art?

I sell most of my paintings through ‘Dailypaintworks‘. I am also about to be represented in the USA by The Art Fix Gallery in Heber Springs, Arkansas.

What else would you like to add?

Work has now begun on my garden studio, this is were I will be giving workshops and demos, I am really looking forward to meeting people, not just from the UK but from overseas and giving them an insight into my way of working.

Graham Berry.

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