Mademoiselle Zazie’s Art (watercolour paintings)


Years ago I came across Mademoiselle Zazie’s Art. Her watercolours reminded me of a past era, delicate and yet strong women, strong passions and dreams, and romance. It’s no surprise, of course, for this Parisian artist to be romantic herself. World-travelled, having lived and worked in Paris, London, New York, her art has made the scene in many international centres. Even so, single working mother artist’s have pretty big obstacles to overcome to have their art seen, and to even produce.

As important as oxygen, Mademoiselle Zazie finds the time to paint. And her growing fan club is grateful for her continued efforts. Arts, Artists, Artwork was also surprised to learn she only began painting approximately six years ago, around 2008 time-frame. Seeing the quality and moods in her work, I would have guessed she has been creating beautiful art for many more years. Her interest was ignited while helping her son with an art project for school while they lived in Miami those many years ago.

Speaking with her about her current style and approach to producing the art she paints in watercolour, we discover that it is a very creative and spontaneous process. With her paints at the ready, the brush finds a colour to begin and as she begins applying strokes the image begins to appear and take shape.  Nothing is for certain until she reaches a place only she knows. Speaking for myself, I love when art is created like that.

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  1. Tracey Dalton Avatar
    Tracey Dalton

    I really love her work, but haven’t seen anything for purchase… I can’t even find prints. Can you recommend arts with similar styles / subjects? Thanks

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