Membership is a choice for artists. Buyers are free to use the site easily and do not require a membership to make a purchase.

Primary Membership is the minimum membership level. It offers you an active profile on our highly trafficked website. The Primary Membership level allows you to display a modest number of artworks to feature your work with your profile. Each profile also displays all your social media links. In addition, site visitors can contact you via our messaging system. Lastly, all Primary Membership users can write blog posts to feature their work, promote their events and exhibitions, etc. All blog posts are submitted for review and approval of the website administrator.

Vendor Membership is an additional upgrade step that activates your very own ecommerce store on your profile page. Each Vendor artist can list up to 200 products for sale in your store. There is a modest monthly administration fee for the store and Arts, Artists, Artwork keeps a 15% commission on every sale. 

Visit How the Site Works for more details.

Featured Artist is an option once you are set up as a Vendor Member on the site. Featured Artists will have their profile displayed prominently on the website’s home page and with their first approval will be endorsed on our social media channels; our fan page alone has 1.5 Million followers. Artists will need to apply to become a Featured Artist. Attracting and retaining genuine buyer traffic to the site is vital. Therefore all applicants will be strenuously vetted for quality and presentation. We will publicise the featured artist on the fan page and so require their work to be engaging enough to find favour with Facebook’s algorithm. Once approved, you can purchase the Featured Artist option any time without requiring approval but you may or may not be featured on the social media channels. This will depend on the demand and number of features we receive and how long it has been since your last feature.

Visit Frequently Asked Questions for more specifics and answers to any other questions you may have.

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