Milly Martionou, Abstract Impressionist: A Surprising Newcomer?


Her work literally sizzles on the canvas at times. Other pieces, they feel absolutely soaked, one I was sure I could dive in. The biggest surprise for me was the one abstract, absolutely incredible, actually gave me one of those sexual jolts. How often does that happen, particularly at my age? Check out these Cosmic Series carefully chosen to share here.

I’ll admit; I cannot claim to be a superior art expert. I can claim pretty good taste, and a vast network into the art community. I’m a fringe player, always on the outside looking in, and let me tell you, the view is pretty good. Her earlier work didn’t thrill me so much, and I mean her much earlier work. Whether it is time, freedom of spirit, a soul that cries out, the quality of supplies, I don’t know. What I do know is that her art takes a sudden turn. These last two or three years she has really found her strokes.

Look out stratosphere, here she comes! Just take a look at the Dreamscape Series. This was the series Martionou was working on when I first came across her work. I was immediately drawn into a foray of electrical energy and emotion. It was exciting and alive, playful, young, maybe the child in her life that she loves so much. I don’t know. But the feelings that her art can bring is unmistakable. Here are a few from the Dreamscape Series.

When I learned Martionou was wrapping up the Dreamscape Series and thinking about her next project series, I was a little bit worried. I know she can do it. I know she has the skill, the talent, the energy, emotion, love, and character to dive deep and get that fire that sparks her brushes. I also know that sometimes we can think too much and go back to something old. I wondered. And the first post I saw shocked me; my worst fear. I sucked in my breath. I couldn’t tell if this was recycled old art, or something she just did as a first attempt into her new series. I dreaded the thought.

Martionou did not disappoint though. She came out guns blazing and took things another step higher. The emotional energy is transformative in these paintings. When you look at it and allow yourself to be absorbed by the dance of colours, the mix is unmistakable. You might as well be in a Boom Boom Dance Hall drowning in the bass. And your lover is rubbing you thigh to thigh. The heat is on and I can’t help wonder where Martionou will take us next. In the meantime, enjoy this new series, Cosmic Energy. She has only just begun.

Her work has recently been on display in the following events or venues:

  • Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery in Miami, Florida, July 2014.
  • Art Monaco, ArtBlue Gallery & Art Space, Monaco, April 2014
  • Affordable Art Fair – ArcticBlue Gallery, Milan, March 2014
  • Societe nationale des beaux art, ArcticBlue Gallery, Paris, December 2013
  • The Blender Gallery- Art Exhibition, Athens, Greece, November 2013
  • Vienna Showcase International Art Fair, Vienna, Austria, October 2013

Consider yourself informed. If I was you, I’d be buying artwork from her series over the past year and half or so and get it into your collection while her prices are still so good. She will be going places.

Where you can find more of Milly Martionou:






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