July 21st-31st 2015
Municipal Art Gallery of Mykonos-“Maria Igglesi” Hall

“Cosmic Energy gives birth to you,
And somewhere beyond,
when it reunites with you,
Listen. Look carefully and Live”…
breaths you.
it leaves you.

Milly Martionou, one of the most interesting modern Greek painters, representative of the significant Abstract’s Expressionism art movement presents her solo exhibition “Cosmic Energy” in Municipal Myconian Art Gallery (“Maria Igglesi Hall” from the 21st up to Martionou is a bright, spiritual and contemporary artist who has already won the acceptance and admiration of the international art world through her highly regarded exhibitions worldwide, such as Le Grand Exposition Universale in the Eiffel Tower (2014), the Barcelona International Art Fair (2014), the RomArt (2015) and the Art Monaco (2014) etc. She has also been hosted in prominent international art galleries, including Le Salon National des Beaux Arts (Carrousel du Louvre), the Nina Torres Fine Art (Miami, Florida) and the Blender Gallery of Athens.

Martionou’s paintings have been exhibited in notable art galleries in Florence, Ibiza and Vienna. In addition, The Arts, Artists, Artwork (Canada), the Mildred Magazine (Australia), and the Art People Gallery (USA) are among other authoritative, international magazines and art forums that have published exceptional reviews about her art work.

Martionou’s pieces – compactly overt and unbreakable – involves a series of “layers on both literal and figurative levels, flirting with abstract expressionism”. Using techniques known as “dripping” or, in the widest sense of the word, “action painting”, the artist communicates her own psyche with a completely personal writing that brings an intense message of optimism to those who view her creations. A return to joy, spontaneity and sweet innocence is obvious – which is what we all need.

-The Curators of the exhibition are Mr. Theodoros Filos and Mr. Vasilis Theos.

A few words about the Artist

Milly Martionou received a Diploma of Graphic Design from Plaka Schools (1993-1995). She completed her undergraduate degree at Hertfordshire University of London (1996-1997) where she obtained the Diploma in Fine Arts (1997-2000).
E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook Page: artmillymartionou

Address: Matogianni, Mykonos, 84600

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