OliviArt joined the Arts, Artists, Artwork community a couple of years ago. During a time of extraordinary personal challenges, she became a friend whom I leaned on. You can see her art and the softness, the shadows and mood, the longing and togetherness, the things that make us human and understanding. Not only a resourceful artist, friend, and member of the AAA Community, she has also been an active member whose contributions have helped the community grow.  It is with great pleasure that I feature her artwork today.

Watercolour isn’t the easiest medium to work with, and newcomers have a long way to go before reaching a pinnacle of, say for example Josef Buzuc. OliviArt has been painting for a few years now herself and her skills and talent are visibly pleasing to the eye. I’ve noticed a thing for cats, as you’ll see a kitten in many of her artworks, whether a prominent character or a background player. As well, the romance of Paris is a common theme, and couples walking in the park. OlviArt also has a deep appreciation for the environment, vacations/travelling the world, and making a difference.

You can see more of this beautiful artist’s work on her Facebook Fan Page here.

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