Los Angeles-based impressionist, Erin Hanson, has been painting landscapes of distant trails and rural locales across the country for over 10 years. Dedicating herself to complete a piece a week almost a decade ago, she has stuck to that goal and has since built a career as well as a name as one of the top artists in the world of contemporary impressionism.

Her works are bold, vibrant, alive and at times bordering on expressionism or colorist. For this reason she coined the term “open impressionism”, to reach beyond the confines of a name and create her pieces dependent on her mood or source of inspiration.

Her first book Open Impressionism (Vol I) was published in 2013, and now, three years later Vol II was just recently released.

We share with you a beautiful video introducing this wonderful art book, as well as her vision and unique view of the world.

Open Impressionism Volume II: Featuring the Works of Erin Hanson


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