Modern Art is Crap

I confess, I also wonder about some Modern Art and the prices they fetch. The only thing about this video is the narrator/host seems a little pretentious and pompous, too. The pot calling the kettle black? That aside, it is interesting to hear the different opinions people have about art, and in particular, Modern Art today.

Why Modern Art is Crap and why anyone who thinks otherwise is a pretentious imbecile, is what Paul Joseph Watson presents in this video. Turn the volume down a bit to save your senses.

What’s your opinion?

Here’s why modern art is total crap and why anyone who thinks otherwise is a pretentious imbecile.

Posted by Paul Joseph Watson on Thursday, 28 January 2016

There are plenty of Modern Art examples that we can acknowledge as exceptional and good. Equally, we see in the media many unusual artworks presented that seem to be nothing of merit, in our minds. In some cases an art installation was thrown out and confused as trash to be removed. Below we also show a 340 ton rock purchased for $10M by the LA Country Museum of Art. $10M for a rock? We’re interested in your opinions and comments. Scroll down and leave an opinion.

10M for a 340 ton Rock - Sculpture.

$10M for a 340 ton Rock. Is it Sculpture?

  1. Ray Cabarga 3 years ago

    When I look at art i either smile or i stare blankly. if i were a part of this absurd ongoing debate i would say something stupid like “the way i know the value of a piece of art is i bring s small mirror with me and when i look at the art i immediately look in the mirror to see my expression. If i’m smiling it is good, if im not its bad” but i’m not that much of a pretentious jackass. To me there is never any question about it. But a lot of people who fancy themselves art collectors, critics, experts even don’t know shit from a hole on the wall. there are a few things that fool the wannabes every time.

    A name…I have no idea how but some people are recognized by name and idiot “art people” will not only buy , praise, swear they love, and even stand there and talk about the “quality” of a laundry hamper or anything that is done by this person who has a name they recognize as a “great artist.” That artist could have been in a car accident and lost his ability think and these idiots will continue to pay millions for his drool. Why? because they have absolutely no sense of what looks good. they are too busy trying to look like they are “important”

    Expensive art materials…Paloma Picasso is a phony talentless moron with no taste no ideas and no inspiration. But her father did and that’s pretty much all she needs is to tell people her name and they will buy her metal Xs but even that is not enough to make the richest people on earth buy enough of her pure garbage to make her rich so she makes them out of platinum. It must be good art because look how its made of platinum/

    big: if you make a 2 foot long pteradactyl out of fingernail clipping people go hmm isn’t that interesting and never give it a second thought. But if you make it 40 feet long people will build you a room to display it in and idiots from all over the world will flock to it. Because big is art. A few other things that help people to know what is good art:

    If an old lady with a black dress talks about it.
    If the artist dies in some horrible way
    If the artist is a complete asshole and a criminal
    if the artist is a celebrity

    So being a respected legendary massively successful artist whose work is shown and praised all over the world is easy if you’re wiliing to kill someone. because somehow that makes you talented.

  2. Catalin Albu 3 years ago

    Money laundering … and then a good insurance masterpiece! 🙂

  3. Richard 3 years ago

    Back in the 70’s, Tom Wolfe wrote an excellent book about the art world called, The Painted Word. It basically dealt with the fact that for modern art of the time, the artspeak that went with the work was almost more important than the work itself. The artspeak became a work of art in its own right. I think what we’re seeing now with large amounts of money being paid for questionable works is becoming a new art form of its own. The marketing, the money, the financial overtaking the art, the hype, all that world of “high” art, I think is becoming an art form. Like the artspeak, it’s not about the piece but the world that bought and sold it. It’s an artform that’s so totally alien to many artists that we simply can’t accept it as being art. But I think it is an art form but it’s one that’s limited in access. For most of us peons, we can only sit on the outskirts say WHADDAFUK??!!!??

  4. DAVID 3 years ago

    This is actually IT….you are making it ART…POP ART…because you are talking about it…saying your opinions…you all are making it alive…you are giving it a life…it’s your own fault that this piece of rock and others are now art!!!! Better and amusing for me will be if this 10 mil rock didn’t get any attention…xx love you all this world will be boring without you all

  5. Karin Lang 3 years ago

    I agree with the author of this article.
    Its a shame that the fairy tale of “The Emporers New Cloth”, is not very common! It would be better some art critics would not run with the dogs and speak up, but they fear, that they would loose their importance!

    I am an artist, old school trained in Europe, long working in the prin medias, knowing how fraudulent the art business is. If you know somone who knows another somone, they can make you even you hwve no clue what are you doing, or they can let you go broke if they want to.

    For art collectors, do not collect because you want to make money! Collect, because you felt in love with the piece of art you bought.

  6. Pat Fleming 3 years ago

    One cannot express an opinion on another’s art without verifying that it is art.. The very fact that one responds is proof that the image elicits a response which is the very essence of art. The detractor is actually the supporter and the reason this is art. The opposite of love isn’t hate but apathy. It really is this simple.

    • Lee Down Author
      Lee Down 3 years ago

      Lovely addition to the comments. I appreciate the balance.

    • Tom 2 years ago

      “The very fact that one responds is proof that the image elicits a response which is the very essence of art”

      This is bollocks.

      If I make as if to punch you in the face it will elicit a response from you. Does that make my actions “Art”?

      Of course not.

  7. Livia 3 years ago

    I endorse this manifesto! Contemporary art is the mirror of a superficial culture in the world today. Everything is consumed quickly, the paintings become only patches of color that can be read quickly. All rush. We hurry to where? Contemporary art is the result of the triumph of marketing skills in front o pure artistic talent. The arguments of many active curators are totally insincere. Encourage only artists profile suited to those who have the financial power to buy. Lee and Paul Joseph Watson, you both make my day brightened and thank you for that. I’m glad to hear about young people like Paul having deep thinking and enough courage to scream about the crap art.

    • Tom 2 years ago

      “Contemporary art is the result of the triumph of marketing skills in front of pure artistic talent.”

      Yes indeed. This sums it up very accurately, and also explains the commercial success of much sub-standard music, gadgetry, movies, branded foods, “designer” clothing and much of the rest of the tawdriness of the modern world.

      Self appointed experts might declare some piece of drivel to be “Art” but that does not make it so if most of us disagree. Shame that a small number of fools that control those public funds alloocated to the arts seem to have either been deceived, or are corrupt and in cahoots with the so-called artists that have neither insight nor great skill in art itself, yet are pocketing millions on the basis of their “faux art” and the media hype that it attracts.

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