What Paul Liptrot does is quite fascinating indeed. His art is just like science class. He explores the world around him, examines things minutely, captures images and creates them, too. Paul wishes to visually represent the wonder of our world in the microscopic to cosmic level. Just like in science class, particularly the ones when an educational film took us on an exploration into the unseen, we became fascinated by the patterns and life that existed beyond our seeing eye.

Paul tries to create work that crosses the boundaries  between art, science and perception. His desire, to push people into thinking about their place in the world. Exploring perception he creates abstract works where a piece can be interpreted many ways. Paul Liptrot continues to be driven by an obsessiveness to investigate materials and means to leave an imprint of some kind on that surface whether using his own hands, chemicals, or other materials to create a reaction.


Paul Liptrot’s home base is in the United Kingdom and he is not only pursuing art for his own interests. He is actively involved with an India-based project Bring Home Stories. Bring Home Stories is a creative project involving many local artists in the telling of stories that showcase the uniqueness of their showcase cities. The first showcase city was Delhi. Artists contributed video, words, art, and products to Bring Home Stories.



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