A Game


Size: 27,5″x39,5″x0,8″/ Year: 2019/ Metamodern Original art: Amsterdam™ oil paint on Unico™ canvas.


Width : 100 cm
Height : 70 cm




If my life is a game, then who writes the algorithm for it?
Who sets the rules?
Do I have the freedom to choose, or do I only choose from predefined options?
I don’t know…                                                                            This painting has been created in my personal original technique. With my painting, I try to express how I see the world, and on an emotional level I communicate with the viewer, hoping to fix the moment on the canvas. In my paintings, I try to convey the joy of being, a beautiful image arising from simple things, be it a person, a corner of nature, or a remembered dream. I put a piece my soul in each artwork. It is an amazing when other people can touch my heart and my soul through my paintings.The real painting looks much better than the photo, which is not able to adequately show the colours, texture and sensations of the live painting. I ship worldwide. Feel free to send me a message if you have questions.
Thank you for your attention to my art.

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