And the Ducks are already Flying Far …


2018 (39×39″) Original oil painted on natural cotton canvas.


Width : 100 cm
Height : 100 cm




The story is inspired by nostalgia about what has already passed, how the summer has passed. We need to let go and live on, because “the ducks are already flying far, I can’t catch them, I wave to them.”

High-quality multi-layer painting on canvas gallery stretch.
The first layer is made with a textured paste, the following layers are an oil paint on natural pigments.The picture is inlaid with Swarovski crystals, which are selected in color to match the background. The picture flickers, which creates a magical effect.
The ends of the picture are painted over,
and it is ready to be placed on the wall of your room.
You can also paste it into the baguette.

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