This painting is one of the few abstractions in my collection. I did not rely on any images of nature. I wanted to understand what the feeling of autumn looks like in my unconscious mind since it is a turning point, a transitional stage in which there can be both elation and longing.

Despite the gloominess of Moscow autumn, I had associations from my childhood, which I spent in Siberia. Every autumn my family or classmates and I would go out to the forest and have fun since the Siberian autumn is beautiful and sunny. It fascinates with its colors, and you want to hold on to this fleeting state before winter sets in for half a year.

This painting has turned out to be the warmest and dearest, despite the fact that I had no idea what it would end up to be when I started painting it. The yellow light of the sky is that innocent, childlike feeling that I try to keep inside throughout my life, even when I have to face challenges.

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