Awaiting the first snow


Oil on canvas; 2021; Free shipping.


Width : 55 cm
Height : 60 cm




This painting was inspired by a walk through an autumn forest with almost entirely fallen leaves. One landscape in particular impressed me since the trees grew as if they were playing with each other. They had funny curves and their branches intertwined as if they were chatting but suddenly stopped and froze like that for centuries.

In this painting, I wanted to focus on nature within the city, to preserve a moment of unity with it. So, I wanted to create such a mystical image of the forest that is filled with golden light, by creating this atmosphere of mystery.

When I was painting this, I was thinking about how much I miss the clean and beautiful nature in city life and how I want to capture that moment of unity with it on canvas. The process of painting “States of Nature” takes me mentally back to my youth, when I spent all my free time in nature. It gave me a sense of lightness and mysticism at the same time, since nature is unpredictable and deceptive, yet it is always beautiful; you just need to learn to see this beauty.

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