Doodle in Blue

Watercolor 16″ x 20″ Matted

Width : 20 cm
Height : 25 cm





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When I was in high school, I was forever doodling in the margins of my paper. The doodles would often be these flowing, circular spirals, often connecting and interconnecting. I felt bad that I wasn’t paying attention to the teacher (math, mostly) but I also noticed that I retained what they said easier if I was doodling. So, I considered it a necessary function.

I decided to create an entire collection based on those doodles from years ago. The entire collection will eventually have 4 doodles – each designed to complement the other. This one, Doodle in Blue, is the first completed design. The others will be Doodle in Red, Green, and Yellow. They are meant to hang together as a group to complement your home or office.

Please note that the background color is Iridescent White, meaning that it shimmers when held up to the light. All 4 paintings will have this same color and effect for the background. Also, the doodles themselves will have this white mixed in so that they shimmer, too.

I hope that you find this painting as fun and as whimsical as I do. Please enjoy.

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