Homo Spiritus (2020) pierre de Nogent, H.32 L.12 P.21 cm

Width : 12 cm
Height : 32 cm


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More on http://www.moontain.org … As Life is constant movement, it needs fluidity to maintain its energetic flow. This notion is manifest when we observe entities from macro to micro world, every molecules and organisms are looking for the best cooperation they can find.
Human species should remember this collaborative notion happening in every ways is their best and only way to evolve. Rather than fighting against their environment until it bows down, die and disappear, because it’s a fight in which both sides will lose.
I believe a new version of our species should emanate from this fundamental understanding. A kind of Homo Spiritus whom ideal would be to reach wisdom and acceptation of all kinds of lives as their equivalent.

Discovering the intertwined links inbetween us and how we’re meant to celebrate those links.

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