“The Borderling State”. Please support the Ukrainian artist.


Size: 24″x20″x0,7″ Year: 2021 Style: Eclecticism Original acrylic painting Amsterdam™ on Unico™ canvas.


Width : 60 cm
Height : 50 cm




The plot of the picture emerged from my life.
I take these pills when I am overwhelmed by depression.
The painting was painted in my personal author’s technique in realism, photorealism and hyperrealism. In my painting, I try to express how I see the world, and on an emotional level, I communicate with the viewer, hoping to capture the moment on the canvas. It is an amazing feeling when other people can touch my heart and my soul through my paintings. A real painting looks much better than a photograph, which is not able to adequately convey texture and feel of a living painting. The ends of the picture are painted to match the color of the image.
If you have any questions, write to me.

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