“The Mr. Lambrechts Dog…” Please support the Ukrainian artist.


Size: 28″x40″x1″/ Year: 2021/ Style: hyperrealism Original art: Amsterdam™ acrylic paint on Unico™ canvas.


Width : 100 cm
Height : 70 cm


Sold out


The famous street art dog is shown in the background. Above it is a wooden frame with a canvas half stretched over it. Below on the canvas is a text caption. With this work, I wanted to convey the message how important it is to believe in yourself.
The painting is signed on the front and back and ready to be hung on the wall without a baguette.
This painting is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.
I use finest quality professional dutch acrylic paints “Amsterdam”, Italian cotton canvas Unico.
Created on, and shipped on a high quality, pre-stretched canvas on a wooden frame.
The real painting looks much better than the photo, which is not able to adequately show the texture and sensations of the live painting.Feel free to send me a message if you have questions.
Thank you for your attention to my art.

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