“In the Magnolia Garden”


Size: 24″x31,5″x0,7″/ Year: 2022/ Style: Eclecticism Amsterdam™ acrylic paint on Unico™ canvas.

Width : 60 cm
Height : 80 cm


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I am an artist from Ukraine. I ask you to buy any of my art works.
I was working in my studio on a project for an exhibition. I had a calm orderly life, full of hopes and plans.
On the morning of February 24, we woke up from explosions and the message that the war had begun.Now there is a war in my country, russia invaded our territory. Russian rockets and bombs are already hitting civilian homes, Russian soldiers are shooting civilians in Ukraine and preventing humanitarian convoys from reaching the occupied cities, preventing the population from being evacuated from them. It was impossible to believe, but I immediately decided that I would continue to create. I stay in Kyiv and continue to paint. Now there is no way to get to the studio, so I create art at home, although there is very little space here. I can’t draw war. In the works that I am writing now, I depict simple human dreams, how everything will be later, when peace comes.
I believe that with our dreams we materialize the future,
that there is no really defined future, but it will be the way I create it, so I draw, draw the future.
When the sirens are wailing, I don’t run to the bomb shelter, I keep drawing, it saves me, gives me the strength to resist the destruction.But unfortunately I don’t have enough of money to buy paint and canvases for new paintings… Also unfortunately , delivery now may take longer than before, perhaps a whole month, although I hope it will be faster, but you will definitely receive the painting. The national post office is working and sending parcels to other countries.
First, I create a digital image, print the face of Mona Lisa on a special transfer paper, manually transfer it to an art canvas made of Italian fine-grained cotton tm Unico. Dutch acrylic paints Amsterdam and Italian fine-grained cotton tm Unico were used in the work. Finish – satin varnish. The sides of the painting are covered with acrylic.
I called this series of artworks “Life in Avatar”…
This artwork is signed in front and with back and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. If you have any questions, please write to me.

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