Inspired by Claude Monet’s Westminster Tower


Oil on canvas; 2021 year.


Width : 45 cm
Height : 45 cm




This painting is a pair to the painting Rouen Cathedral. Together they represent a series inspired by Claude Monet’s artworks.

In this painting, I wanted to share my impressions of my favorite artworks. It seems to me an incredible strength that these works remain tremendously meaningful to art in spite of time. Whatever happens in the world, Monet’s paintings continue to convey senses of the landscape motifs.

This painting was created entirely with a palette knife, without the use of brushes, allowing me to present a picture where water transitions into architecture and vice versa. The boundaries between them become almost completely blurred, barely perceptible. I wanted to look at the great artist’s paintings as if they were reflected in water, to make it even less object-like, so I added yellow in the light coming from the sky.

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