Oil on canvas mixed media; 2020 year.


Width : 100 cm
Height : 80 cm




This artwork is painted in an experimental technique using glossy gauze, which creates a mirror effect. This surface reflects light and silhouettes from various angles and looks different in different settings.

This idea came to me after a short visit to the sea from Moscow. I am quite sensitive to the atmosphere created by a change in environment, and this short trip really roused me. After a couple of evenings by the sea, I returned to the huge and bustling city with its enormous traffic and fast pace of life. Then I realized that I needed to permanently change my lifestyle and location since I was becoming caught into this rhythm. I was hardly home in silence at that point in my life since I was always running somewhere or doing something.

So, I created this painting to preserve a sense of tranquility and peace. This painting evolved into a kind of meditation for rethinking my values, solitude with myself, and feeling the rhythm of nature which is more comfortable for a person.

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