Oil on canvas; 2021 year; Free shipping.


Width : 55 cm
Height : 65 cm




This painting was created from life on plein-air. It is a pair to the picture “Klyazma”.

The view of the setting sun behind the linden trees inspired me. A small silhouette of my dog, who used to live on this property, may be seen on the lower left. This landscape took on new meaning for me a year later when the dog died of old age. That sunset came to symbolize the meaning of a vivid and fleeting life.

When I was painting this, I thought only about the beauty of the landscape and how to make this motif fabulous and mystical. I did not want to make a simple copy of nature. And now this work has become for me a symbol of love and kindness, which must be kept inside and enjoyed every moment of life. 

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