2017 (45×35,5″) Original acrylic and oil painted on natural cotton canvas.


Width : 90 cm
Height : 120 cm




“Mermaids can not definitely be recognized as spirits of water or forest or field: mermaids are both the one and the other and the third.” According to the legend, mermaids can be found in ponds, lakes and running waters … “This painting has been created in my personal original technique. With my painting, I try to express how I see the world. My inspirations are also my life experience, the work of other artists, events, people and places around me.I put a piece my soul in each artwork. It is an amazing feeling when other people can touch my heart and my soul through my paintings.This painting exhibited at my personal exhibition “A Little Silence”, which took place in 2017, where more than 20 large-format artworks were presented.
The painting is signed on the front and back the canvas.
The real painting looks much better than the photo, which is not able to adequately show the colours, texture and sensations of the live painting. I ship worldwide. Feel free to send me a message if you have questions.
Thank you for your attention to my art.

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