Morning in Venice

Rakhmet Redzhepov

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The paintings are coated w...


Blue, Gold, Gray, Green, Indigo, Orange, Pink, Red, Violet, White, Yellow


110 cm


80 cm
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Painting on canvas with a palette knife and brush.
The paintings are coated with a protective varnish, and the sides are painted.
Pictures can be immediately hung on the wall.
You can also arrange them in the style of your interior.
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Very safe packaging with dense foam and thick cardboard.

I paint beautiful landscapes with great love. I put all my experience. and skills. I use sketches made earlier in nature, in the open air. Sometimes I dream about the subjects of the paintings. Sometimes they order me specific places, even in which I have not been. Each time I slightly change the technique for each new task. And I select and listen to music when I paint a picture …

The sea. the sea. the evening . the warm air. the contemplation. the old boat. the boats are near. they are resting. gaining strength. the sea . the light breeze. Sea.Sea and sky. The sky is like the sea. And the sea is like the sky. Clouds are floating in the sky. Fish are swimming in the sea. There are people in between. With their boats and ships. They connect these 2 elements. Sea and sky.

When I start painting, my heartbeat rises from the expectation of a meeting with the canvas and a great desire to paint, I start to tremble with my whole body, the muscles on my back tense up, up to cramps, and this feeling and inspiration does not let go of me, all that time while I paint a picture. It is akin to the feeling before the first kiss or the desire to possess a girl. The feeling that something beautiful and unique is about to happen. The same strong feelings you experience in childhood when you sneak up on a bird or a butterfly before grabbing it. And in the work on the picture there is in these feelings and almost physical suffering: foresight that now you will create a masterpiece! And this is repeated almost every time – either in front of a blank canvas or an image that comes to mind …

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