Near the Mineral Spring


Size: 40″x27,5″x1″/ Year: 2023/ Style: Eclecticism Original art: artistic texture paste, Amsterdam™ acrylic paints on Unico™ canvas.

Width : 70 cm
Height : 100 cm




I always carry a little bag of cat food with me because unexpected encounters with stray animals always compel me to reflect on their needs. When they approach with humility or playfulness, it sparks a desire in me to help, whether through food, kind words, or gentle strokes of their lovely fur. The bag of cat food has become my way of expressing a readiness to assist and creating moments of shared care and understanding.
This artwork is from the “Life in the Avatar” series and was painted using the artist’s unique technique. The painting is signed on both the front and back and is ready to be hung on the wall without a frame. I used the finest quality professional acrylic paints from Amsterdam and Italian cotton canvas from Unico. The painting was created and shipped on a pre-stretched canvas on a wooden frame, and it is packed very carefully in a cardboard box with layers of bubble wrap to protect it.

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