Picnic by the Roadside


2018 (39×39″) Original oil painted on natural cotton canvas.


Width : 100 cm
Height : 100 cm


Sold out


This painting was written according to the fantastic story of the writers of the Strugatsky brothers “Picnic on the Roadside.” The term “stalker” has steadily entered the Russian language and, according to the authors, became the most popular of the neologisms created by them. In the context of the book, a stalker is a person who, breaking the prohibitions, gets into the Zone and takes out of it various artifacts, which subsequently usually sells and thereby earns a living. In the Russian language, after Tarkovsky’s film, this term acquired the meaning of a conductor oriented in various forbidden and little-known other places and territories, later also became known as stalkers as amateurs of industrial tourism, especially visiting abandoned objects and ghost towns.

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