“Pumpkin Slices” ORIGINAL ART OIL PASTEL Ukraine Kharkiv


The work was rescued from the occupied village of Shevchenkovo, Kharkiv region

Width : 284 cm
Height : 208 cm




In our folk traditions, a girl who does not love a groom would take out a pumpkin as a sign of refusal. Why pumpkin?? A bright sunny three-dimensional fruit of such a cheerful appearance that it could comfort and protect against resentment even at such a delicate moment. And other peoples believe that pumpkin protects against evil spirits.
In general: look at it and rejoice, because pumpkin is a huge, huge Smile 😊, and a slice like a smile.

The work was rescued from the occupied village of Shevchenkovo, Kharkiv region

Original work of Ukrainian artist. Drawn by hand. Oil pastel on paper. You can see what the finished work looks like in a frame

Original oil pastel painting, still life, not a print! Paper size: 20,8×28,4cm. ORIGINAL painting, painted in 2014 directly from the artist, the painting is signed and dated by A. Moskvitina corner of the painting. The work is also signed on the reverse side. with all brief information

Professional oil pastel. Only acid-free, high-quality, professional materials are used. There may be slight color differences due to camera flash and computer display and different light, the actual painting is more vivid than the pictures. I have taken quite a few photos for your convenience. These photos accurately reflect your purchase.

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